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Staff Directory

Brunswick County Parks and Recreation Staff Directory


          Aaron Perkins
             Phone: 910-253-2670

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Administrative Division

       Tanya Jackson                                                                            Ella Parker                                             
   Administrative Coordinator                                                              Recreation Clerk                                                               
          phone: 910-253-2674                                                                   phone: 910-253-2673

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        Khrystye Haselden, CPRP                                                          Brian Moore
       55+ Programs Coordinator,                                                                  Athletics Superintendent
 Brunswick County Gator Senior Games and SilverArts            
              phone: 910-253-2677                                                                          Read Full Bio 

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         Steve Goodwin                                                
Special Populations Coordinator                                                      Athletic Coordinator                                                 *Position Vacant
             phone: 910-253-2679                                                             


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  Melinda Johnson, CPRP
  Marketing and Community Events Coordinator                        Athletic Coordinator                                                *Position Vacant
         phone: 910-253-2672                                                                
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