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Legal Affairs




  • To act as in-house legal counsel to the County of Brunswick by providing high-quality, expert legal representation to the Board of Commissioners, the county manager and county departments; and
  • To prosecute the violation of county ordinances with integrity and professionalism.

General Description

The Office of the County Attorney provides legal guidance and support for elected county officials, county departments, and boards in conducting county business. The office represents the county before judicial and administrative agencies in civil litigation proceedings; and prosecutes ordinance violations occurring within the jurisdiction of Brunswick County. Criminal matters in the county are handled by the District Attorney’s Office.

The Office of the County Attorney supervises the drafting of all ordinances and the preparation of legal documents.

Representation of Board of Commissioners, County Staff, other Boards and Commissions
The Office of the County Attorney works directly with and provides legal advice to the Board of Commissioners, the county manager and staff, as well as, other boards and commissions. This office reviews and consults on numerous contracts regarding county services and provides legal opinions and counseling on a daily basis. Opinions and advice cover a wide range of topics and concerns of Brunswick County. It is the goal of the Office of the County Attorney to address legal concerns by proactively confronting issues of the county to enhance opportunities, as well as, mitigating liability.

Management of Outside Counsel
When Special Counsel is hired with County Commissioners’ consent, for their specific knowledge and expertise in a specific area of law, the Office of the County Attorney supervises and manages all matters under its control.

The Office of the County Attorney is responsible for the day-to-day prosecution of local ordinance violations.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can the County Attorney advise private citizens in legal matters?

No. The County Attorney cannot provide legal services to private citizens. However, the following organizations may be helpful to citizens in seeking legal representation and/or answers to general legal questions:

  • Legal Aid: (910) 763-6207

Who do I contact concerning a business complaint (i.e. questions regarding licensing, problem with a business transaction, complaint about unsatisfactory service or repair)?

You can contact the following organizations:

  • Attorney General Consumer Affairs: (919) 716-6000
  • Better Business Bureau: (800) 951-3569.

How can I receive a copy of a particular county ordinance?

You can contact the County Clerk’s Office at (910) 253-2018