Monday, July 28, 2014   

2014 Primary Election Sample Ballots


To view your sample ballot for the Primary Election, click here and enter your information.  This will ensure you view the correct sample ballot.

The table below provides all sample ballots for the Primary Election.

 Party  Ballot Style
Age of Voter
NC House

BHI Referendum
District Code
17 Year Old Voters
 Republican  R004  17  17 no n/a
 Republican  R002  17  n/a no n/a
 Democrat  D009  17  n/a no
 Libertarian  L014  17  n/a no n/a
 Nonpartisan  N019  17  n/a no n/a
Voters Over 18 Years Old - Not Residents of Bald Head Island
 Republican R003
 18+ 17
 yes  n/a
 Republican R001  18+  n/a  yes  n/a
 Democrat D008
 18+  n/a  yes  n/a
 Libertarian L013  18+  n/a  yes  n/a
 Nonpartisan N018
 18+  n/a  yes  n/a
Bald Head Island Residents Over 18 Years Old
 Republican  R005  18+  17  yes  A
 Republican  R006  18+  17  yes  B
 Republican  R007  18+  17  yes  U
 Democrat  D010  18+  n/a  yes  A
 Democrat  D011  18+  n/a  yes  B
 Democrat  D012  18+  n/a  yes  U
 Libertarian  L015  18+  n/a  yes  A
 Libertarian  L016  18+  n/a  yes  B
 Libertarian  L017  18+  n/a  yes  U
 Nonpartisan  N020  18+  n/a  yes  A
 Nonpartisan  N021  18+  n/a  yes  B
 Nonpartisan  N022  18+  n/a  yes  U