Saturday, May 23, 2015   

Precinct Officials

Take a Role, Work at the Poll

We need individuals to work in the election

  • Opportunities are available at Election Day polling locations.
  • Opportunities are available at early voting one-stop locations.
  • Training is provided.
  • Poll workers are compensated ($$).
  • Students at least 17 years old by Election Day are also eligible.
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We can’t wait to meet you!

Precinct Officials

The Election Day polling place management team consists of one chief judge and two judges. These three individuals are recommended by the county political parties and are appointed to 2-year terms that begin in August of odd-numbered years.

CHIEF JUDGE: The chief judge is in charge of the polling place. He/she is typically of the same political party as the governor.

JUDGES: The two election judges assist the chief judge. There is typically one judge from each major political party.

ASSISTANTS: In addition to the 3-person management team, the success of the polling place also depends on election assistants. Assistants perform various, vital functions in the polling place under the direction of the chief judge. The number of assistants varies depending on the anticipated turnout for each election.

Precinct Officials in Brunswick County 2013-2015

• Click Here for a list of chief judges and judges appointed to serve from 2013-2015