Tuesday, April 28, 2015   

Minority Infant Mortality Task Force

The Minority Infant Mortality Task Force was formed in 1999 under the arm of the Brunswick County Health Department. The mission statement is to reduce infant mortality and morbidity in minority families and promote infant health. The focus was placed on minority families due to the rise in the infant mortality rate in minorities and the racial health disparities that currently exist in this county. This task force continues to meet monthly (every third Tuesday at 12:00 noon) at different locations in the county. The committee presently consists of faith community, health care providers, Partnership for Children, concerned citizens. As we work towards eliminating disparities that exist in our county our goals remain: identify problems that contribute to the incidence of minority infant deaths; develop strategies to prevent the incidence of minority infant deaths; promote good health for all babies. For further information please contact Jere McMillan at (910)253-2313 - jmcmillan@brunsco.net or Sharon Smith at (910)253-2268 - ssmith@brunsco.net