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Vital Records

The Health Director serves as the local registrar for all births, deaths, and fetal deaths occurring in Brunswick County, as well as the issuance of Burial Transit Permits and Disinterment/Reinterment Permits. The Deputy Registrar receives the death certificates from the responsible funeral service, and birth certificates from the hospital where the birth occurred.

The funeral director, or person acting as such, is responsible for filing a Certificate Of Death with the Health Department, of the district where the death occurred, within 5 days after death. The hospital or medical facility where the birth occurred is responsible for filing a Certificate Of Live Birth (for each live birth) with the Health Department within 5 days after the birth.

The Deputy Registrar processes the certificates making the necessary corrections. The Deputy Registrar then files a copy of the certificate with the Brunswick County Register Of Deeds and the original certificate with the State Vital Records Office.   For more information please call the Health Department at 910-253-2250 or 888-428-4429.  Faxes can be sent to 910-253-2355.

For a fee, certified copies of certificates can be obtained from the Brunswick County Register Of Deeds or the North Carolina Vital Records branch in Raleigh. For more information about the North Carolina Center For Health Statistics, visit the Vital Records Branch website or phone them at 919-733-3526.