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There is no single accepted definition of Geographic Information System. G.I.S. is a system of hardware, software, and procedures designed to support the capture, management, manipulation, analysis, modeling, and display of spatially-referenced data for solving complex planning and management problems.

Although this definition is accurate, a simpler definition for a G.I.S. is one of the following: a computer-based system that links graphic and non-graphic data (attributes) to a geographic location or a computer system that can hold and use data describing places on the Earth's surface.

This data is organized in different layers. This concept is similar to laying maps of different information of the same geographic area over one another.

Layers of data that have been produced or are under production are:

  • Cadastral (property boundaries, road right of ways, etc.)
  • Centerlines
  • Control (horizontal & vertical)
  • ESN
  • Land use
  • Orthophoto
  • Soils
  • Topographic
  • Zoning

The Brunswick County G.I.S. project is one of the most comprehensive G.I.S. implementations in the State of North Carolina. The digital map data will enhance the quality of county services by providing updated information efficiently and allowing analysis to be conducted effectively.


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