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Check Tax Liens

A tax lien is a claim on the property, real (land) or personal (vehicles, mobile homes, boats, etc.), of a taxpayer for payment of unpaid taxes.

How To Check Tax Liens

To check tax liens, call the Brunswick County Revenue Office at 910-253-2729 or 800-222-0593, or send a written request to P.O. 29, Bolivia, NC 28422, specifying the following information:

  1. Parcel number
  2. Name of property owner
  3. Legal description of property
  4. Deed reference or physical address

Per your request, you will be provided with verbal or written information, as follows:

  1. Parcel number: With a parcel number you will be given a history of unpaid taxes and owners for the past 10 years or up to the number of years that the parcel has been in existence.
  2. Name of property owner: With a property owner's name, all the property (real or personal) listed in that name can be provided. Properties that are located within the city limits or in any special assessment district -- such as water or sanitation -- will have a code number. The person making the request might need to contact the other taxing units to ensure that all other taxes not collected by Brunswick County Revenue are current.
  3. Legal description of property: With this information, city tax rates and phone numbers can be provided.
  4. Deed reference or physical address: Tax values, legal property description, and physical addresses all are part of a tax certification.