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Educational Opportunities

Educational materials are available at the Brunswick County Soil & Water Conservation office. These materials may be requested for presentations, reports, etc. In addition, the local office offers a number of outreach programs, including the following.

  • Poster, Essay, And Public Speaking Contests: New topics are chosen each year. The annual Poster Contest is open to all county 3rd-6th graders. The annual Essay Contest is open to 6th graders. And, the Public Speaking Contest is open to 7th & 8th graders. The deadline for contest entries is March 1st. Entries will be display at the conservation office in Bolivia. Prizes are awarded to 1st place winner, who will receive $10 their from school and $20 from the County.
  • Environmental Field Days: District employees are available to facilitate and participate in Environmental Field Days at all schools located within the county. Field Day includes stations that are set up with presentations on different National Resource issues such as water quality, forestry, soils, wildlife, etc.
  • Resource Conservation Workshop: Each year, a high school student is selected to attend the Resource Conservation Workshop, which is held at North Carolina State University each summer. The week-long workshop is designed to encourage students to pursue a degree in a natural resource conservation field. The Soil & Water Conservation Office provides registration and meal costs for the week.
  • Envirothon Competition: Each year, a 5-member team of Brunswick County high school students is chosen to participate in the Area and State Envirothon -- a 2-day competition where county teams compete against one another. For the competition, the team is given information on 5 different topics: forestry, aquatics, soils, wildilfe, and current environmental issues. The first day, the team reviews the topical information at each station. On the second day, the team is tested on the information. The winner is determined by written tests. The Brunswick County Soil & Water Conservation office pays for registration fees and meal expenes for the 2-day event.
  • Classroom Presentations: Brunswick County Soil & Water Conservation personnel are available to visit schools at any time throughout the school year to discuss conservation topics related to soil (e.g., soil erosion, soil composition) and water (e.g., water quality).
  • Soil Stewardship Week: This annual event is celebrated during the last week of April and the first week of May. Materials such as programs, litanies, bookmarkers, placemats, and supporting items are distributed throughout the county to local churches, restaurants, and libraries in observance of the importance of natural resource conservation. You may request these items through the Brunswick County Soil & Water Conservation office.
  • Annual Farm Tour: This event is held in the fall to increase public awareness on agricultural-related issues. There is no fee for the tour, but interested persons are asked to register with the Brunswick County office. To be notified of the next tour and be included on the mailing list for all future tours, please contact the Brunswick County Soil & Water Conservation office.
  • Teachers' Conservation Workshop: This workshop is held in June of each year. The workshop features hands-on training on various topics concerning conservation-related issues. The registration fee is approximately $45 and is payable to UNC-W. The workshop location is rotated between Pender and Brunswick Counties. To be included on the mailing list, please contact the Brunswick County Soil & Water Conservation office.
How To Obtain

To register for the above-referenced programs, contact the Brunswick County Soil & Water Conservation office at the following address:

P.O. Box 26
10 Referendum Drive
Bolivia, NC 28422
910-253-2830 (phone)