Public Notice

Public Notice

System Pressure Advisory Rescinded: Part of Boiling Spring Lakes / El sistema a resumido sus servicios y operaciones normales


Based on the laboratory analysis of water samples collected on October 17 and 18, 2018, water consumers of Brunswick County Public Utilities located in Boiling Spring Lakes on E. Boiling Spring Rd. and all connecting roads off E. Boiling Spring Rd. on both sides between North Lake Dr. and the dam, are hereby notified that it is no longer necessary to boil water or use bottled water for human consumption.

There are no longer any System Pressure Advisory for Brunswick County Public Utilities.

This notice is issued and effective October 19, 2018.

We appreciate your cooperation and patience during this period. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


John Nichols

Brunswick County Public Utilities




Basado en un estudio conducido en las muestras de agua, los clientes del Brunswick County Public Utilities que se encuentran el los siguietes pueblo Boiling Spring Lakes estan siendo notificados por este informe que lla no hay necesidad de continuar hirviedo el agua o usar agua enbotellada para consumer. El sistema a resumido sus servicios y operaciones normales.

Brunswick County officials meet with officials from Chemours, state agencies


The Brunswick County Board of Commissioners Chairman, Frank Williams, and County staff were among the officials meeting with representatives from the Chemours company and the NC Department of Environmental Quality Thursday.

County Manager Ann Hardy and Health and Human Services Director David Stanley were also in attendance at Thursday’s meeting, as well as officials from the NC Department of Health and Human Services, New Hanover County, Pender County, the City of Wilmington, and Cape Fear Public Utility Authority.

In this meeting, officials with the Chemours company made officials aware of steps the company has taken to reduce discharge of GenX since 2013. NC DEQ also outlined a detailed plan to collect water samples for testing of GenX.

Brunswick County officials joined other local officials Thursday in asking Chemours to cease discharge of GenX into the Cape Fear River immediately, while regulatory authorities make a determination about the chemical.

“Today’s meeting was an important step forward as we work to understand the chemical known as GenX and what steps must be taken to protect our water supply,” said Chairman Williams. “We appreciate the staff of Chemours coming to the table to hear our concerns. During the meeting, we asked Chemours to take immediate steps to eliminate the discharge of GenX into the Cape Fear River until its effects are fully known and understood; they have not yet committed to do so. We also asked that they share any and all health data and studies related to GenX, as well as any current or future test results; they indicated a willingness to do so. While our concerns have not yet been fully addressed, I believe this was a step in the right direction and anticipate that Brunswick County will continue working with New Hanover County, Pender County and the City of Wilmington to present a unified voice on this critical issue.”

Brunswick County remains committed to a working with NC DEQ and our other partners in providing a complete investigation of GenX and its presence in the Cape Fear River, and in sharing information as we acquire it. Updates are posted at, and residents can sign up to receive updates by email at that address as well.