Brunswick County Statement


Since the discovery of contaminants being discharged into the Cape Fear River, Brunswick County has been committed to open and honest dialogue about this challenging situation.  We have extended this same commitment to our valued municipal partners, and have trusted that they would act in a similarly responsible way.

However, the recent claim from the Town of Belville that “levels of GenX and other contaminants have been severely under reported” is completely baseless.  This type of unfounded speculation has no place in public discourse, and it only serves to confuse citizens.

The reality is that the County and the State have tested the water supply regularly, and we have released the results of those tests immediately.  At no time have these results been altered, minimized or editorialized.  As we continue to look forward to a solution that protects the water supply for our entire county, we ask that our municipal partners refrain from releasing this type of inaccurate and sensationalistic information to citizens.