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Frequently Used Forms

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Brunswick County Code Administration has provided a link to commonly used forms below.  Follow the link to the appropriate form.  Any questions, please contact Code Administration at (910) 253-2050.


1Frequently Used Forms
1 Statement of Special Inspections Is submitted as a condition for permit issuance with the Special Inspections requirements of Chapter 17 of the Building Code
2Appendix B- 20182018 Appendix B -Used for all commercial projects
3Instructions and Application for 90-Day Temporary PowerApplication for Temporary Power
4Elevation Certificate with InstructionsElevation Certificate for use with building in a Special Flood Hazard Area
5Torque Certification LetterUsed to certify the proper installation and torque requirements required by 2017 NEC 110.14 (D) on electrical connections.
6Residential Dock and Pier Exemption CertificationUsed for exemption for residential docks and piers
7Status of Licensure Affidavit Used to Certify Licensure
8Worker's Compensation Coverage AffidavitUsed to Certify Worker's Compensation Coverage
9Application for Temporary Certificate Of OccupancyUsed to apply for a temporary CO
10Shelving and Stocking Application FormUsed to Apply for a Shelving/ Stocking Permit


Forms may be submitted to


Building I


Building I

(910) 253-2050
open mon-fri:
8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

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