Meeting FAQ

Want to know more about how the Commissioners conduct business, when they meet, or how you can participate? You’re in the right place!

  • When and where do the Commissioners meet?
    • The Commissioners meet on the first and third Monday of every month; if that Monday is a holiday, the Commissioners will meet the Tuesday immediately following. Meetings begin at 6 p.m. with the Invocation, the Pledge of Allegiance, public discussion and administrative items. (Closed session is held at the end of the meetings.) Meetings are held in the Commissioners Meeting Room in the David R. Sandifer Building.
    • Occasionally, the Commissioners will call a special meeting, to discuss matters that cannot wait until the next meeting. Notice of these meetings will be sent to the media, sent to residents on the Sunshine list, and posted on the county’s website. These meetings will be held at the time stated in the notice.
  • Can I come?
    • All of the Commissioners’ meetings are open to the public. The Commissioners may move to a conference room for a private, or Closed, Session to discuss certain confidential matters (including discussing certain personnel matters or discussing pending legal matters with the County Attorney). However, all action (voting) is taken in open session. You are welcome to attend any meeting, and to wait until the completion of Closed Session discussions.
  • Can I speak/participate?
    • Each meeting has a public comment period, during which anyone can address the Commissioners with questions or concerns about county business. We ask that you sign in before you speak before the meeting (there’s a sheet next the agendas, near the entrance to the meeting room) so the Clerk can make sure she has the correct spelling of your name. You can view the Public Comment Policy here. Additionally, some meetings have public hearings for specific issues. The public hearings are similar to a public comment period, but pertain to one topic. If you wish to provide a handout, please bring at least 8 copies, so we can share them with the Commissioners and county staff. If you would like to present an agenda item, please click here for more information.
  • Where can I find the meeting agenda/find out what happened?
    • Paper agendas for the meetings are always available near the entrance to the Commissioners Meeting Room on the night of the meeting. Agendas may also be viewed online here. Agendas are typically available online the Friday before the meeting.
    • If you would like to know what happened during a previous meeting, you may view the minutes from that meeting. Please note that minutes must be approved by the Commissioners, so they are typically not available for at least a month after the meeting. To view minutes from previous meetings, click here; you can use the search features to look up minutes from a certain time frame, or to search for key words.
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