Debris Collection Continues, Put Debris by the Curb or Right-of-Way


As debris collection continues in the unincorporated areas of Brunswick County, citizens should ensure that any debris placed out for collection is put by the curb or in the right-of-way.

Contractors will be making a second pass through Brunswick County to pick up debris in unincorporated areas, or areas that are not in a city or town. A map is available at, under “Debris, Trash and Recycling Collections” showing the collection status of unincorporated areas.

Citizens who had debris not collected on a first pass, and citizens placing Hurricane Florence-related debris out for collection, should place it between the sidewalk and the road. Citizens who do not have a sidewalk, ditch or utility line in front of their home should place debris at the edge of their property near the curb or edge of the road. Debris should not be placed near or on fire hydrants, water meters, trees, poles or other structures that can interfere with removal.

Debris that is placed too far back from the edge of the road may not be picked up if it cannot be reached by collection equipment.

Citizens who live in a city or town should contact that city or town for details about debris collection.