Final Fire Inspection Checklist for Certificate of Occupancy

The Brunswick County Fire Marshal’s Office is required to perform a final fire inspection before the certificate of occupancy is issued. The following is a general list of items that will be inspected, in order to ensure all Life Safety and Fire Codes adopted by Brunswick County are met. This inspection may not be limited to the items listed below, depending upon the occupancy type. These items must be maintained or in place in order to pass the inspection.
  1. All doors, door swings, door closers, door hardware, and force to open doors shall be maintained in proper working order.
  2. All means of egress (exits) shall be clear and unobstructed. In a multi-story building with stairs, all stairs shall be maintained and unobstructed. No storage is allowed in stair wells or under stairs cases.
  3. All emergency lights and exit lighting shall be maintained in working order. These lights shall operate on normal electrical power and on battery back-up power. (Exception: buildings provided with an emergency backup generator.)
  4. If a building is required to have a sprinkler system, a copy of the certification test and any annual certification letters shall be provided to the Fire Inspector upon request.
  5. If the building is required to have a fire alarm system, a copy of the certification test and any annual certification letters shall be provided to the Fire Inspector upon request.
  6. If the building is required to have a hood suppression system, a state licensed hood system company shall service the system and supply a certification letter upon request. The hood, ductwork, fan and filters shall be cleaned and if a cleaning service is used, a certificate showing date of cleaning shall be maintained on the premises.
  7. Smoke and duct detectors shall be maintained in proper working condition, also with any certification letters made available to the Fire Inspector.
  8. All Fire Extinguishers (3 A-40 BC ABC) shall be maintained by a licensed fire extinguisher company and shall have a current inspection tag signed and dated by the company. Brunswick County Fire Inspectors do not perform maintenance on Fire Extinguishers.
  9. In addition to the above mentioned fire extinguishers, if your place of business has a commercial kitchen, you must also have a “Class K” fire extinguisher.
  10. Any storage near electrical panels and/or mechanical equipment shall be no closer than 36 inches from the equipment. Each breaker in the panel box shall be labeled.
  11. Storage of any hazardous materials as defined by the Fire Code shall be permitted by the Brunswick County Fire Marshal’s Office and stored properly.
  12. Extension cords are allowed on a temporary basis only. (Temporary is defined as not more than 30 days.)
  13. All interior finishes required by the Fire Code shall be maintained.
  14. All storage and housekeeping practices shall be in neat order and cleanly maintained.
  15. Occupant load signs shall be maintained and clearly visible in the area for which they apply. (If required)
  16. In a tenant space, ceiling tiles shall be removed in a manner suitable for the Fire Inspector to thoroughly inspect existing tenant demising walls (If not completed at the 80% inspection), the Fire Inspector may request a ladder for better access.
  17. International Fire Code section 506 Key Boxes: Commercial buildings must have a Knox Box (contact the Fire Marshal’s Office for order information).
  18. Fire Hydrants and Fire Department Connections must be free and clear of obstructions and in proper working order. (Knox Box FDC caps are required)
  19. Address and/or street numbers must be posted and visible also to include suite number, or letters where they may apply.
  20. Correct facility information must be provided: name, address, phone number, owner name, address and phone number. (If the address is not provided during the inspection, the C.O. will not be issued!)

Please call 910-253-5383 to schedule your Final Inspection. Please call at least 24 hrs ahead before needing the final inspection.


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