How to Manage Storm Water in Brunswick County


How to Manage Storm Water in Brunswick County

Brunswick County is an important regional center that offers a wide range of employment opportunities, business and professional services, and important historical, cultural, and recreational attractions. Brunswick County residents desire to maintain the character of their communities and sustain and improve the excellent quality of life that the area provides. Residents and County officials favor growth and development that is environmentally-responsible, well-designed and located, and respectful of the character of the County. Future development is expected to involve a mix of residential development with varying densities and building styles, as well as new business, industrial, and institutional land uses. It is the purpose of the Brunswick County Storm Water Program to meet the current and anticipated needs for storm water services and to protect public and private properties, rivers, estuaries, and other water bodies from unnecessary damage due to storm water releases and non-point source pollution. The provision of those services will be based upon compatibility with the County’s development plans, the County’s taxpayers and developers financial capacities, and upon compliance with applicable Federal and State laws and

The goals of the Program are to:

  • Minimize the public’s risk of injury and death and limit damages to private and public property caused by storm water runoff within the County’s jurisdiction.
  • Maintain and increase the riparian buffers along the streams and waterways within the County’s jurisdiction.
  • Provide for the public’s health, safety, and welfare by protecting the water quality of the County’s rivers, estuaries, and other water bodies and wetlands.
  • Ensure County compliance with all applicable Federal and State regulations.

In order to meet these goals, the County will require anyone proposing new nonresidential development or residential development that will ultimately result in disturbance of one acre or more of land or anyone proposing new developments within 30 feet of intermittent and perennial streams or other water bodies, to obtain a 1-1 Brunswick County Storm Water Permit.

Learn more in the Brunswick County, North Carolina Storm Water Management Manual.