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The County of Brunswick has numerous parcels that may be declared surplus. The list can be found below. The County will entertain proposals for either individual parcels or groups of parcels that are at least the parcels’ 2015 tax value. Purchase proposals should be submitted to Steve Stone at Any proposals accepted by the Board of Commissioners will be subject to the upset bid sale process and the Board of Commissioners reserves the right to reject any and all proposals. If you have questions, contact Steve Stone at

To view a map of the available properties, click here.

ParcelNumberLegalDescription2015 Tax ValueWaterSewer
070DA022L-22 TOWN CREEK COLONY PLAT P/22&23 719/962$17,700.00NoneNone
140EA001L-1&2 WILDWOOD DR$2,000.00NoneNone
140EA017L 3-6 B 43 WILDWOOD AC$4,000.00NoneNone
141AC003L-20&21 B-B WILDWOOD AC$2,000.00NoneNone
141AC00401L-18-19 B-B WILDWOOD AC$2,000.00NoneNone
141AC01402L-9&10 B-B WILDWOOD AC$2,000.00NoneNone
141HA01701L-39 B-I WILDWOOD AC$1,000.00NoneNone
141HA018L-33 B-H WILDWOOD AC PLAT 260/234$1,000.00NoneNone
141HA021L-36 B-H WILDWOOD AC$1,000.00NoneNone
141HA022L-6 B-H WILDWOOD AC$1,000.00NoneNone
141HB001L-5&6 B-N WILDWOOD AC$2,000.00NoneNone
141HB020L-3 B-O WILDWOOD AC$1,000.00NoneNone
141HC01001L-27 B-A WILDWOOD AC$1,000.00NoneNone
141HC02401L-25&26 B-C WILDWOOD AC$2,000.00NoneNone
141MB006L-568 S-7 BSL PLAT H/338$4,000.00NoneNone
141MB007L-569 S-7 BSL PLAT H/338$4,000.00NoneNone
141MB008L-570 S-7 BSL PLAT H/338$4,000.00NoneNone
141MB055L-555 S-7 BSL PLAT H/338$4,000.00NoneNone
141MB056L-556 S-7 BSL PLAT H/338$4,000.00NoneNone
141MB057L-557 S-7 BSL PLAT H/338$4,000.00NoneNone
142BB035L-28 B-E S-2 PLAT 6/162 BSL$7,800.00NoneNone
142CH012L-19 B-K S-2 PLAT 6/162 BSL$9,000.00YesNone
142GB009L-16 B-Q S-1 PLAT 6/158 BSL$10,000.00YesNone
142GG022L-416, S-1, EXT. 2 BSL$10,000.00YesNo
142HA017L-21, B-204, S-1, BSL$4,000.00No No
142HA018L-22, B-204, S-1 BSL$4,000.00No No
142HA056L-76-77 B-204 S-1 PLAT H/349 BSL$8,000.00NoneNone
142HA057L-78 B-204 S-1 PLAT H/349 BSL$4,000.00NoneNone
142HB00402L-67 B-203 S-1 BSL PLAT H/349$4,000.00NoneNone
142HB00607L-82 B-203 1A S-1 PLAT H/349 BSL$4,000.00NoneNone
142HB024L-33 B-203 S-1 BSL$4,000.00NoneNone
142HB025L-34 B-203 S-1 BSL$4,000.00NoneNone
142IA008L-8 B-O S-1 PLAT 6/158 BSL$10,000.00YesNone
142OD007L-91 S-19 PLAT 7/37 BSL$10,000.00YesNone
156KA005L-541 S-38W WBSL PLAT G/123$3,000.00NoneNone
156KA006L-540 S-38W WBSL PLAT G/123$3,000.00NoneNone
156LB010L-43 S-1W BOILING SPRING LAKES$10,000.00YesYes
156LB032L-75 S-1W BOILING SPRING LAKE$4,000.00YesNone
156LB033L-74 S-1W BOILING 1SPRING LAKES$4,000.00NoneYes
156MA02001L-44 S-26W BOILING SPRING LAKE LAKE VIEW DR$10,000.00NoneYes
156MA021L-38 S-26W BOILING SPRING LAKE PLAT H/325$2,000.00NoneMaybe
156NC005L-204 S-28W BOILING SPRING LAKE PL 250/540$4,000.00YesNone
157AA015L-295 S-7 BOILINS SPR LAKES PROSPECT RD$10,000.00YesNone
157AA016L-296 S-7 BOILINS SPRI LAKE PROSPECT RD$10,000.00YesNone
172ED003L-399-401 PART 1&2 S-3W BSL PLAT G/113$12,000.00NoneNone
172EE00301L-377 S-3W BOILING SPRING LAKES$4,000.00NoneNone
173AG006L-13 B-B- S-4 BOIL SPR LK-GOLDSBORO RD$4,000.00NoneNone
173AG007L-14 B-B S-4 BOIL SPR LK-GOLDSBORO RD$4,000.00NoneNone
173AG016L-5 B-B S-4 BOIL SP LK-KANNAPOLIS RD$4,000.00NoneNone
173AJ001L-15 B-C S-4 BSL PLAT 6/160$4,000.00NoneNone
173AJ002L-16 B-C S-4 BSL PLAT 6/160$4,000.00NoneNone
173BF003L-14 B-L S-4 BSL$4,000.00NoneNone
173BH017L-38 PT 2 S-4 BSL$4,000.00NoneNone
173GA015L-17-18 B-402 S-4 PLAT H/337$7,000.00NoneNone
182MB009L-9 S-4 SHERROW EST PLAT K/395$1,400.00YesNone
214MA043Lot 43, Section 2, Shell Point Acres$2,000NoNo
214MA118Lot 118, Section 2 Shell Point Acres$8,000NoneNone
214MA119Lot 119, Section 2 Shell Point Acres$8,000NoneNone
214MA122Lot 122, Section 2, Shell Point Acres$13,200NoneNone
214MA123Lot 123, Section 2 Shell Point Acres$2,000NoneNone
214MA124Lot 124, Section 2 Shell Point Acres$2,000NoneNone
214MA132Lot 132, Section 2, Shell Point Acres$8,000NoneNone
214MA133Lot 133, Section 2 Shell Point Acres$8,000NoneNone
214MA134Lot 134, Section 2 Shell Point Acres$8,000NoneNone
214MA149Lot 149, Section 2, Shell Point Acres$8,000NoneNone
218AA132Lot 330, Ph 2-A, SeaWatch at Sunset Harbor$15,000YesYes
241NA024L-194 B-D PINE BUR ACRES PLAT 10/126$16,000.00YesYes
241NA025L-124 B-D PINE BUR ACRES PLAT 10/126$16,000.00YesYes
241NA026L-122&123 B-D S-1 PINE BUR ACRES PL 10/126$32,000.00YesYes
241NA029L-119 B-D S-1 PINE BUR ACRES PLAT 10/126$16,000.00YesYes
241NA047L-109X73 IRR B-D .10AC PINE BUR AC 10/126$16,000.00NoneNone
0050001512 acres Dundy Ballard$42,720MaybeMaybe
016000372.3 AC$5,290.00NoneNone
184000390.95 AC SR 1129$20,750.00NoneNone
0100004202.5 AC SR 1428$11,480.00YesNone
08600027013 AC NC 133$3,890.00NoneNone
1880001201L-103 10.00AC WBSL TIMBER TRACTS PLAT G/116$7,790.00NoneNone
20100013033 AC OFF NC 1112$20,100.00NoneNone
22500088021.02 AC PLAT M/300 OFF SR 1356$59,980.00NoneNone
214MA127L-127 S-2 SHELL PT AC PLAT Q/1$2,000NoneNone
214MA128 L-128 S-2 SHELL PT AC PLAT Q/1$2,000NoneNone
214MA129L-129 S-2 SHELL PT AC PLAT Q/1$2,000NoneNone
214MA130L-130 S-2 SHELL PT AC PLAT Q/1$2,000NoneNone
214MA131 L-131 S-2 SHELL PT AC PLAT Q/1$2,000NoneNone
1520000107TR-V 3.94 ACRES PLAT V/92$15,600YesNone
17900004T-J 8.60 AC PLAT V/89$17,460NoneNone
142HB019L-26 B-203 S-1 BSL$4,000NoneNone
142HB020 L-27 B-203 S-1 BSL$4,000NoneNone
157AA056L-318 B-7 S-PT 2 BSL BSL$10,000YesNone
241KA007Lot 150, B-D, S-1 Pine Bur Acres$18,700MaybeYes


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