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ParcelNumberLegalDescription2015 Tax ValueWaterSewer
0050001712.78 ACRES PL 19/9$42,430.00NoneNone
0100004202.5 AC SR 1428$11,480.00YesNone
016000372.3 AC$5,290.00NoneNone
0200000104P/O T-3 1 AC SANDY RUN PLAT R/367$4,890.00NoneNone
02700021081 AC PLAT 20/284 OFF HWY 87$7,680.00NoneNone
037IA047L-47 .61 AC OLD FOREST EST PLAT U/125-126$51,230.00NoneNone
05700136L-45, S-3, Pine Cliff$16,700.00No No
070DA022L-22 TOWN CREEK COLONY PLAT P/22&23 719/962$17,700.00NoneNone
08600027013 AC NC 133$3,890.00NoneNone
140EA001L-1&2 WILDWOOD DR$2,000.00NoneNone
140EA017L 3-6 B 43 WILDWOOD AC$4,000.00NoneNone
141AC003L-20&21 B-B WILDWOOD AC$2,000.00NoneNone
141AC00401L-18-19 B-B WILDWOOD AC$2,000.00NoneNone
141AC01402L-9&10 B-B WILDWOOD AC$2,000.00NoneNone
141HA01701L-39 B-I WILDWOOD AC$1,000.00NoneNone
141HA018L-33 B-H WILDWOOD AC PLAT 260/234$1,000.00NoneNone
141HA021L-36 B-H WILDWOOD AC$1,000.00NoneNone
141HA022L-6 B-H WILDWOOD AC$1,000.00NoneNone
141HB001L-5&6 B-N WILDWOOD AC$2,000.00NoneNone
141HB020L-3 B-O WILDWOOD AC$1,000.00NoneNone
141HC01001L-27 B-A WILDWOOD AC$1,000.00NoneNone
141HC02401L-25&26 B-C WILDWOOD AC$2,000.00NoneNone
141MB006L-568 S-7 BSL PLAT H/338$4,000.00NoneNone
141MB007L-569 S-7 BSL PLAT H/338$4,000.00NoneNone
141MB008L-570 S-7 BSL PLAT H/338$4,000.00NoneNone
141MB055L-555 S-7 BSL PLAT H/338$4,000.00NoneNone
141MB056L-556 S-7 BSL PLAT H/338$4,000.00NoneNone
141MB057L-557 S-7 BSL PLAT H/338$4,000.00NoneNone
142BB035L-28 B-E S-2 PLAT 6/162 BSL$7,800.00NoneNone
142CG034L-3 B-L S-3 PLAT 6/162 BSL$12,000.00YesNone
142CH012L-19 B-K S-2 PLAT 6/162 BSL$9,000.00YesNone
142GB009L-16 B-Q S-1 PLAT 6/158 BSL$10,000.00YesNone
142GG022L-416, S-1, EXT. 2 BSL$10,000.00YesNo
142HA017L-21, B-204, S-1, BSL$4,000.00No No
142HA018L-22, B-204, S-1 BSL$4,000.00No No
142HA056L-76-77 B-204 S-1 PLAT H/349 BSL$8,000.00NoneNone
142HA057L-78 B-204 S-1 PLAT H/349 BSL$4,000.00NoneNone
142HB00402L-67 B-203 S-1 BSL PLAT H/349$4,000.00NoneNone
142HB00607L-82 B-203 1A S-1 PLAT H/349 BSL$4,000.00NoneNone
142HB024L-33 B-203 S-1 BSL$4,000.00NoneNone
142HB025L-34 B-203 S-1 BSL$4,000.00NoneNone
142IA008L-8 B-O S-1 PLAT 6/158 BSL$10,000.00YesNone
142OD007L-91 S-19 PLAT 7/37 BSL$10,000.00YesNone
156KA005L-541 S-38W WBSL PLAT G/123$3,000.00NoneNone
156KA006L-540 S-38W WBSL PLAT G/123$3,000.00NoneNone
156LB010L-43 S-1W BOILING SPRING LAKES$10,000.00YesYes
156LB01801L-134+135 S-1W BOILING SPRING LAKES PL H/325$15,000.00YesYes
156LB032L-75 S-1W BOILING SPRING LAKE$4,000.00YesNone
156LB033L-74 S-1W BOILING 1SPRING LAKES$4,000.00NoneYes
156MA02001L-44 S-26W BOILING SPRING LAKE LAKE VIEW DR$10,000.00NoneYes
156MA021L-38 S-26W BOILING SPRING LAKE PLAT H/325$2,000.00NoneMaybe
156NC005L-204 S-28W BOILING SPRING LAKE PL 250/540$4,000.00YesNone
157AA015L-295 S-7 BOILINS SPR LAKES PROSPECT RD$10,000.00YesNone
157AA016L-296 S-7 BOILINS SPRI LAKE PROSPECT RD$10,000.00YesNone
172ED003L-399-401 PART 1&2 S-3W BSL PLAT G/113$12,000.00NoneNone
172EE00301L-377 S-3W BOILING SPRING LAKES$4,000.00NoneNone
172JA005L-45A+46A+47A, S-W37A BSL$14,000.00No No
173AG006L-13 B-B- S-4 BOIL SPR LK-GOLDSBORO RD$4,000.00NoneNone
173AG007L-14 B-B S-4 BOIL SPR LK-GOLDSBORO RD$4,000.00NoneNone
173AG016L-5 B-B S-4 BOIL SP LK-KANNAPOLIS RD$4,000.00NoneNone
173AJ001L-15 B-C S-4 BSL PLAT 6/160$4,000.00NoneNone
173AJ002L-16 B-C S-4 BSL PLAT 6/160$4,000.00NoneNone
173BF003L-14 B-L S-4 BSL$4,000.00NoneNone
173BH017L-38 PT 2 S-4 BSL$4,000.00NoneNone
173GA015L-17-18 B-402 S-4 PLAT H/337$7,000.00NoneNone
182MB009L-9 S-4 SHERROW EST PLAT K/395$1,400.00YesNone
214MA118Lot 118, Section 2 Shell Point Acres$8,000NoneNone
214MA119Lot 119, Section 2 Shell Point Acres$8,000NoneNone
214MA122Lot 122, Section 2, Shell Point Acres$13,200NoneNone
214MA123Lot 123, Section 2 Shell Point Acres$2,000NoneNone
214MA124Lot 124, Section 2 Shell Point Acres$2,000NoneNone
214MA132Lot 132, Section 2, Shell Point Acres$8,000NoneNone
214MA133Lot 133, Section 2 Shell Point Acres$8,000NoneNone
214MA134Lot 134, Section 2 Shell Point Acres$8,000NoneNone
214MA149Lot 149, Section 2, Shell Point Acres$8,000NoneNone
217MA114L-114 PIER 66 STA 1 PLAT K/256$10,000.00YesNone
241NA024L-194 B-D PINE BUR ACRES PLAT 10/126$16,000.00YesYes
241NA025L-124 B-D PINE BUR ACRES PLAT 10/126$16,000.00YesYes
241NA026L-122&123 B-D S-1 PINE BUR ACRES PL 10/126$32,000.00YesYes
241NA029L-119 B-D S-1 PINE BUR ACRES PLAT 10/126$16,000.00YesYes
241NA047L-109X73 IRR B-D .10AC PINE BUR AC 10/126$16,000.00NoneNone
184000390.95 AC SR 1129$20,750.00NoneNone
153000012172.3 ACRES US 17 & SR 1401$734,600.00NoneNone
1880001201L-103 10.00AC WBSL TIMBER TRACTS PLAT G/116$7,790.00NoneNone
20100013033 AC OFF NC 1112$20,100.00NoneNone
2150005401L-150X150 NC 1124$9,130.00YesNone
22500088021.02 AC PLAT M/300 OFF SR 1356$59,980.00NoneNone


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