Traditionally, zoning is the process by which a community is divided into districts or “zones.” It separates incompatible land uses and limits industrial, commercial, and residential development to specific “zones.” Each “zone” has a different set of uses, densities, dimensional requirements, and other development standards. Zoning helps protect public and private interests, preserve critical areas, promote orderly growth, and encourage development at a rate and manner that reflects the community’s desires and vision.

A rezoning is required when a property owner proposes using his or her land for purposes other than those permitted by the current zoning classification. Rezoning requests are reviewed by the Planning Department Staff and Planning Board, and then sent to the Board of Commissioners for final determination.

All rezonings must be consistent with the Brunswick County CAMA Land Use Plan Map. For more information, download a rezoning brochure or rezoning application here, or view the rezoning deadline schedule.

For a rezoning:

  1. Schedule a meeting with a Planning and Community Development staff member. Bring the address of the property, the owner’s name, the tax parcel ID number of the property (available from the tax office on the tax statement or deed) and the proposed land use.
  2. Submit a formal rezoning application to the Planning and Community Development department. Include a rezoning application, making sure it is consistent with the CAMA Land Use Plan or requesting a Land Use Plan Amendment and showing consistency with the Land Use Plan policies, 15 folded copies of a recent plat, survey or other map showing the location and dimensions of the area, and pay the rezoning fee.
  3. Staff will review the application and schedule a public hearing at a Planning Board meeting. Staff will present the application, the applicant or property owner will explain the plans, and area property owners or other interested parties will be allowed to speak. The Planning Board will then make a recommendation.
  4. The Board of Commissioners will hold a first reading and, in some cases, a second reading of the request. After a public hearing, the Commissioners will vote whether to approve the request as submitted, approve it with conditions, or deny the request.

If a rezoning request is not approved, the Board of Commissioners must wait one year to act on another request on the same parcel of land unless there has been a substantial change as outlined in Section 3.12.12 of the Brunswick County Unified Development Ordinance.

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