(Expired) Request for Proposals (RFP): Northeast Brunswick Regional Wastewater System Study


Brunswick County is requesting proposals from qualified engineering, environmental, and water resource firms for the services associated with development of a Preliminary Engineering Report to provide recommendations for the next logical expansion of the Northeast Brunswick Wastewater Treatment Plant and the associated wastewater transmission system. The Northeast Brunswick Regional Wastewater System provides treatment and transmission for areas of the Brunswick Regional Water and Sewer H2GO (formerly the North Brunswick Sanitary District), Town of Leland, Town of Navassa, and City of Northwest. Firms interested in being considered for this work should submit their qualifications to:

    • John Nichols, PE


    • Director of Public Utilities


    • Brunswick County


    • P. O. Box 249


    Bolivia, NC 28422

For consideration, five copies of the response to this request for proposal must be submitted to the County by close of business on February 24, 2017. Proposal sections shall be divided by tabs that indicate the title of each section. At a minimum, the proposal should include the following information:

  1. Qualifications of the employees who will be assigned to the project. The project manager and other key team members should be clearly identified. If subcontractors are to be used for any portion of the work, they should be identified and their qualifications included.
  2. Experience on similar projects. The proposal should include a description and contact person for projects that were similar in size and scope as this project.
  3. A project schedule for design through completion of construction including key milestones should be included. The project schedule should start from the Notice to Proceed and include two week review times for County staff review. A project schedule will be included in the contract for this work.
  4. A brief description of the project approach to be used by the firm should be included.
  5. A brief discussion of the firm’s ability to meet the budget constraints on the project should be included. This includes an estimate of man-hours required to complete the various components of the project. Man-hour estimates should be broken down by tasks with separate columns for labor classifications. Each task shall be subtotaled in addition to project totals.

Brunswick County reserves the right to select the firm that best meets its needs and negotiate a final Scope of Work that reflects the work to be done and the budget constraints. Based upon the number of proposals received, the County may subsequently request oral presentations as a part of the selection process. All firms submitting a proposal will receive notification once the contract has been awarded.

A more detailed description of the work to be performed is contained in the following Scope of Work. Firms submitting proposals should use the enclosed scope as a guide but should develop their own Scope of Work based upon their experiences on similar projects. The County will negotiate and refine a final Scope of Work with the selected consultant.

If you have any questions, please call us at (910) 253-2653.

John Nichols, PE, CPESC
Director of Public Utilities



    The County will provide a copy of its SewerCad model of this portion of the wastewater system, the 2011 “Northeast Brunswick Regional Wastewater Transmission System Study,” and historical wastewater flow values by Participant. The selected consultant will meet with staff to document the goals and objectives for the study.
    The consultant will develop flow projections for 15-, 20-, 25-, and 30-year planning periods for all Participants in the Northeast Brunswick Regional WWTP. Flow projections shall be based off the population growth rate, or an alternate factor recommended by the consultant, and shall be consistently applied to all of the Participants at the same rate. The consultant will meet with each Participant and discuss the flow projections and solicit input from each Participant regarding their expected wastewater treatment needs and specifically what additional flow they would like in the next expansion. Participants with multiple points of entry into the regional system will be asked to provide a breakdown of the new flows for each entry point. Using this combination of information, the consultant will provide up to four possible expansion options. One of the options evaluated will be a 2.5 MGD expansion (4.975 MGD total capacity).
    The consultant shall review recommendations contained in the 2011 “Northeast Brunswick Regional Wastewater Transmission System Study” and meet with Brunswick County staff to ascertain any system deficiencies or needed rehabilitation work. Using the County’s SewerCad model, flow projections, and information provided by County staff, the consultant will confirm the recommendations and offer revisions to the recommendations as needed. Updated cost estimates will be provided for all recommendations.
    Utilizing a planning level estimated cost per gallon for treatment and the transmission system recommendation estimates, an opinion of cost for each of the options shall be provided. For each option, the consultant will provide the estimated system improvement cost percentage for each utility needing additional allocated capacity.
    The consultant shall draft a Preliminary Engineering Report documenting the results of their evaluations. Three paper copies of the draft report shall be provided each Participant for review and comment. After review by the County staff and Participants, the selected consultant shall meet with the full Northeast Brunswick Regional Wastewater System Committee in workshop format to present the draft report and to receive comments.
    After receiving comments, the consultant shall prepare a Final Engineering Report. Fifteen paper copies and CD ROM disks of the final report including all maps, SewerCad models, and drawings shall be delivered to the County and its Participants.