(Expired) Request for Qualifications (RFQ): Parking Expansion at Brunswick County Public Utilities Operations Center


The Brunswick County Public Utilities Department is looking to hire an experienced engineering firm that has dealt with design of parking, grading, altering drainage, and obtaining approvals from Brunswick County Planning, Zoning, Stormwater, and from Duke Power for improvements in their easement.

The location of the project is at the Utilities Operations Center on Grey Water Road in Supply (Project Map). It is our intent to have the Brunswick County Operation Services Department construct the project. The parking will be perpendicular to our facility exit drive in front of the building. The parking surface will comply with the recent new parking standard that does not contribute to the stormwater impervious area. This will consist of filter fabric with 6 inches of 57 stone.

Please submit four (4) copies of your qualifications to include a brief history of your completion of this type of work and an approach to your design. An estimate of hours to complete each task should be included and clearly defined.

Please indicate who will be the responsible project manager and how long you estimate it would take from Notice to Proceed to start of construction.

Your qualifications package should be delivered to Barry Guise, PE, by 3 p.m. on August 11, 2016, at the Utilities Operations Center.

Hand Delivery or Alternate Shipping Service

    • Mr. Barry Guise, PE


    • Project Manager


    • RFQ Parking Expansion


    • 250 Grey Water Road NE


    Supply, NC 28462

Post Office Delivery

    • Mr. Barry Guise, PE


    • Project Manager


    • RFQ Parking Expansion


    • P. O. Box 249


    Bolivia, NC 28422

Barry R. Guise, PE

Project Manager