Updated: Rumor Control: Brunswick County Public Utilities Rates


A misleading chart comparing the rates of local water utilities has been circulating online in recent days.  The example provided in this chart suggests that Brunswick County Public Utilities customers pay 19.2% more than H2G0 customers.  This figure is based upon combined water and sewer rates for 3,000 gallons of usage.

Water Rates and Combined Water and Sewer Rates for Brunswick County Utilities and H2Go (Click to Enlarge)

However, consumers should be most concerned about the total cost of services which may include water, sewer AND irrigation or water only.

The chart being circulated fails to mention that H2GO charges an irrigation meter base fee of $14.00 monthly, and that the majority of county customers connected to sewer have an irrigation meter.  The county does not charge a monthly irrigation base fee.  Furthermore, when considering combined water, sewer and irrigation fees for 3,000 gallons of usage, Brunswick County Public Utilities customers pay $60.15 while H2GO customers pay $62.63.

Brunswick County Government is disappointed in this distribution of misleading information.  We will continue to be transparent with all Brunswick County citizens by releasing accurate information, while correcting any misleading information that becomes public.

Update: Oct. 6, 2017

Water, sewer and irrigation charges at different rates of usage (click to enlarge).

Several residents have had questions about usage rates higher than 3,000 gallons, so we thought a more extensive chart might help. This chart shows water, sewer and irrigation charges individually, and the combined rate for all three, at five different levels of usage.