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Educational Opportunities

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Shelby Whitwam 2017 Essay County, Area & State winner. Total winnings $285

2017-2018 Contests theme

“Water…the Cycle of Life”

Information for contest may be found here

Poster Contest – 3rd, 4th & 5th Grades

Essay Contest – 6th Grade

Public Speaking Contest – 7th & 8th Grades

                                     Computer Generated Poster Contest – 9th Grade     

                         Classroom presentations for contests are available upon                                         request. Contests deadline is February 26, 2018.


Soil & Water Conservation Educational Resources

The Brunswick County Soil & Water Conservation Office has educational materials available upon request for presentations, reports, etc. In addition, the local office offers a number of outreach programs.

Classroom Presentations

Brunswick County Soil & Water Conservation personnel are available to visit schools at any time throughout the school year to discuss conservation topics related to soil (e.g., soil erosion, soil composition) and water (e.g., water quality). We have an Enviroscape Watershed Model, Geology Kit, Goods from the Woods kit, etc., that we can bring to your classroom for presentations or you can borrow any of these models or kits by contacting us.  Information of these educational resources are available below. (Where it says download).


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Environmental Field Days

District employees are available to facilitate and participate in Environmental Field Days at all schools located within the county. Field Day includes stations that are set up with presentations on different National Resource issues such as water quality, forestry, soils, wildlife, pollination, etc.

Envirothon Competition

Each year, a 5-member team of Brunswick County high school students is chosen to participate in the Area and State Envirothon — a 2-day competition where county teams compete against one another. For the competition, the team is given information on 5 different topics: forestry, aquatics, soils, wildlife, and current environmental issues. The first day, the team reviews the topical information at each station. On the second day, the team is tested on the information. The winner is determined by written tests. The Brunswick County Soil & Water Conservation office pays for registration fees and meal expenses for the 2-day event.

Life On The Farm

This program is a fun day of learning for children outside of the classroom. It offers them an opportunity to see a farm & learn where their food comes from. The program also focuses on the interdependence between plants, animals & humans.

Plants For Pollinator

The Brunswick Soil & Water Conservation District developed the Plants for Pollinators in the Classroom to help students in Brunswick County discover the importance of native pollinators and study the relationship between plants and pollinators. Teachers and students use the indoor growing kit (complete with plant stand, grow bulbs, potting soil and seeds) to explore plant growth, conduct experiments and raise plants.

Poster, Essay, Public Speaking and Computer Generated Poster Contests

New topics are chosen each year. There are 3 levels of competition, County, Area and State.  The annual Poster Contest is open to all county 3rd-5th graders. The annual Essay Contest is open to 6th graders. The Public Speaking Contest is open to 7th & 8th graders. The Computer Generated Poster Contest is open to 9th graders.  The deadline for contest entries is the end of February. Prizes are awarded to 1st place county winners.  Prizes range from $25-$50 according to the contest. Students total winnings could be almost $300 if they win County, Area and State Competitions. 

Resource Conservation Workshop

Each year, one or more high school students are selected to attend the Resource Conservation Workshop, which is held at North Carolina State University each summer. The week-long workshop is designed to encourage students to pursue a degree in a natural resource conservation field. The Soil & Water Conservation Office provides registration and meal costs for the week.

Teachers’ Workshop

The workshop features hands-on training on various topics concerning conservation-related issues. The workshop location is rotated between Pender and Brunswick Counties and is available upon request. If your school is interested in this program, please contact the Brunswick County Soil & Water Conservation office.




(910) 253-2830
open mon-fri:
8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.


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