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If you are a gravity sewer customer of Brunswick County, please check the white PVC sewer cleanout cap at your property line near the road. If the cap is missing from the pipe or is damaged, please contact Brunswick County Public Utilities at (910) 253-2657 and we will repair at no cost to you. This will assist us in ensuring that the sewer system does not get overwhelmed by stormwater inflow during storm events. Thank you for your assistance.

Brunswick County Public Utilities

Welcome to Brunswick County Public Utilities! We install water and wastewater lines and operate treatment plants serving the unincorporated areas and some municipalities. We can help you set up water or sewer service and pay your bill, learn about grinder pumps, or find ways to conserve water and reduce leaks.

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View ourĀ rate information. You can pay a bill, or download a service application.

Note regarding Mailings from DVR Labs c/o Carolina Fresh Water

Brunswick County residents and water customers may receive a package in the mail from DVR Labs c/o Carolina Fresh Water from Greensboro, requesting water samples from the homeowner. The package contains a bottle which the company asks you to fill with tap water.

This package is from a private company trying to sell water treatment and filtration equipment.

Brunswick County Public Utilities is not affiliated with DVR labs, nor are we familiar with their qualifications to test drinking water.

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