Utilities Staff

Public Utilities Staff

John Nichols, Director of Public Utilities

Donald Dixon, Deputy Director-Wastewater Operations

Bob Tweedy, Senior Utilities Manager-CIP/Infrastructure

Glenn Walker, Water Resources Manager

Barry Guise, Project Manager

B. J. Heck, Instrumentation and Electrical Superintendent

Steve Hlastala, Wastewater Collections Superintendent

Jeremy Sexton, Water Resources Superintendent

Chuck Braun, Purchasing Manager

Paul Biagiotti, Public Utilities Inspector

Cory Sumner, Public Utilities Inspector

Tammie Galey, GIS Specialist

Tammy Grissett, Utility Dispatch

Susan McLamb, Utility Dispatch

Jacquie Morden, Accounting Technician

Kathy Walters, Administrative Assistant


You may contact Public Utilities Administration at:

Utilities Customer Service Staff

Julie A. Miller, CPA, Director of Fiscal Operations

Sherri Phipps, Customer Service Supervisor

Kristine Wagner, Assistant Customer Service Supervisor

Angela Crisco, Customer Service Representative II

Ashley White, Customer Service Representative II

LaMarr Hardy, Customer Service Representative II

Melody Bass, Customer Service Representative II

Mandy Long, Customer Service Representative I

Danielle Dutil, Customer Service Representative I

Amy Hester, Billing Technician

Brenda Bellamy, Billing Technician

Vacant, Billing Technician

Meter Reading Staff

Gracie Varnum






You may contact Utilities Customer Service at:

County Seal