The 2023 Brunswick County Revaluation is Almost Done—Here’s What to Keep in Mind


The 2023 Brunswick County Revaluation is Almost Done—Here’s What to Keep in Mind

As we head into another new year, you may have started to hear more about one particular topic: Brunswick County’s 2023 Revaluation.

A revaluation (also known as a reappraisal) is a routine update to property tax values to bring them back in line with the current sale price of properties. Over the past year, our state certified in-house appraisers have diligently and carefully researched and analyzed sales in our local market to determine an estimate of market value for all properties as required by North Carolina law.

Often when we hear about revaluation, we immediately think about property taxes. However, the purpose of a revaluation is to determine a property’s current market value to ensure everyone pays their fair share of the costs for the local government services they use and rely on.

Ultimately, your property’s appraised value is only one factor that determines how much property tax you pay. Here are some things to keep in mind as you prepare to receive your new assessed value.

2023 Revaluation Key Points
  • An increase in your property value does not necessarily mean your tax bill will increase.
  • It is impossible to determine how your new assessed value affects your property taxes until the county, your municipal government, and/or other public entities that serve your property adopt their FY 2024 operating budgets and set tax rates (typically in late spring/early summer).
  • The revaluation is still not complete, so be cautious of any claims about how much property values or taxes are increasing, whether by dollars or percentage. Wait for your official mailing from Brunswick County to see what your property’s new assessed value is.
  • Property values will not change uniformly throughout the county or even within your city or town—a lot depends on market conditions and recent sales in your neighborhood. Your assessed value could increase, decrease, or remain the same.
  • Your property taxes are distributed to your county, municipality, and/or other public entities to provide essential services like education, public safety, ambulance service, fire protection, health clinics and inspections, parks, libraries, planning and community enforcement, municipal roads, and more.

Work on the 2023 Revaluation is still underway. Because of the number of new buildings under construction and real estate sales that occurred up to Jan. 1, 2023, Brunswick County now estimates it will mail out official tax assessment notices by late February. During this time, our tax team will work to ensure all properties receive the most accurate and equitable assessment possible based on the latest data available.

While your official tax assessment will have the true market value for your specific property, you can use the Tax Office’s online Property Record Card search tool now to see data on the market value and sales for properties in your area.

We will share more information and updates on the 2023 Revaluation as the process continues. Learn more about the revaluation and see answers to our most frequently asked questions at

The Brunswick County Tax Office is open to discussing the revaluation process with property owners. Contact the office at 910-253-2811 anytime Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. or email