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The Brunswick County Emergency Management Department oversees the Access and Functional Needs (AFN) Program. The main component of the AFN Program is the AFN Registry. Formally called the 'Special Needs Registry', the AFN Registry is a HIPAA-compliant database of residents who may have additional needs before, during, and after an emergency event (e.g. a hurricane) in areas of maintaining independence, communication, transportation, safety, support, and healthcare. The AFN Program/Registry is completely voluntary; residents can opt out at any time. NC Emergency Management estimates that half of the state's population has an access and/or functional need(s).

The AFN Program is here to:

  • Assist these residents with making personalized emergency preparedness plans;
  • Coordinate evacuation transportation for those in the AFN Registry who need transportation to emergency evacuation shelters;
  • Ensure that Brunswick County's emergency evacuation shelters are set up to be and remain accessible for people with access/functional needs throughout the duration of an activated shelter.
  • Identify Brunswick County residents who have access/functional needs and include them in the AFN Registry (if they so choose);

AFN team members will establish a call center when an emergency event has occurred (like a tornado) or is anticipated (like a hurricane) and attempt to contact all residents in the AFN Registry in the affected area (which could be the entire county or just a certain area of the county). Team members will discuss residents' anticipated plans and needs for that specific event and ensure they are aware of all pertinent information related to that specific emergency event.

Additional Information and Resources:

To learn more about the AFN Program and/or sign up by phone, contact the Brunswick County AFN Coordinator at 910.253.2850.