Substance Use Education

Opioid Epidemic

North Carolina is experiencing an opioid crisis that is devastating our communities. The problem is everywhere but we can work together to combat this epidemic by learning more about opioid addiction, who is at risk, and resources for treatment.

To further combat the opioid crisis, the NC. Department of Health and Human Services and its partners are working to reduce opioid overdose deaths by implementing the strategies in North Carolina's Opioid Action Plan. This plan focuses on the four priority areas of the epidemic which include Center Equity and Lived Experiences, Prevention, Harm Reduction, and Connection to Care. The data dashboard linked below tracks the state, regional, and county-level metrics to create a visualization of progress and make sure the goals of the Opioid and Substance Use Action Plan are being met.

The Truth About Opioids is a comprehensive public education campaign focused on preventing and reducing the misuse of opioids among youth and young adults. This video portrays Rebekkah's story, a true first-hand story that covers the withdrawal experience that put her on the path to a new life without opioids. Some viewers may find this footage disturbing.

All it takes is one yes to begin your own recovery journey.

Get involved with the Substance Use Commission and help make recommendations on Brunswick County's substance use and addiction program needs. Visit the page for more information!