VA Headstone / Grave Marker

VA will provide a headstone or grave marker for veterans buried anywhere in the world and for eligible dependents buried with the veteran, in National Cemeteries, State Veterans' Cemeteries, or Military Post Cemeteries.

The style and type of marker furnished will depend on the rules of the particular cemetery. Niche markers are also available for identifying cremated remains in a columbarium.

The headstone or marker will generally contain the name of the deceased, the year of birth and death, and (for the veteran) the branch of service. Optionally, the headstone or marker may also be inscribed with the deceased veteran's military grade, rank, or rate, complete dates of birth and death, an appropriate religious emblem, and a listing of any awards for valor.

If the burial is in a National Cemetery, a state veterans' cemetery, or a military post cemetery, the headstone or marker is ordered through the cemetery, which will place it on the gravesite. If the burial is in any other cemetery, the headstone or marker must be ordered from VA. A copy of the veteran's military discharge or supporting documentation of service must accompany the application.

Our office can assist you with applying for this benefit, or any of the benefits listed on these pages. Please call us at 910-253-2233 to schedule an appointment. Bring the veteran's death certificate and DD-214 military discharge with you.