Which training should I take?

There are several training modules available. Pick the one that most closely aligns with your job. Currently, restaurant modules are available for Owner/Manager, Front of House, and Back of House. Additional modules for Cleaning Staff and Other Businesses will be added soon.

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1. How do I access the training? I registered in Eventbrite and I don’t see the training!
2. How do I log in to take the training?
3. Who is this training for?
4. Does this satisfy NC’s requirement for a certified food manager?
5. Which training should I take?
6. How long does the training take to complete?
7. Can I take the training on my phone?
8. Can I start the training and then come back to it at a later time?
9. What information do I need to provide to take the training?
10. I completed the training and have my certificate, now what?
11. What can I display inside my businesses or establishment to show I’m a Count on Me NC business?
12. I did the training, how do I get the logos and social media images?
13. Can I adjust the logo images in size, color, etc.?
14. I work at more than one restaurant, can I make copies of my certificate?
15. Does the certificate expire? Or when do I have to take this training again?
16. How does a participating business get listed on the Count on Me NC website?