What is causing this water shortage?

County Answer: The water conservation alert is due to drier, potentially drought-like conditions these past few weeks, coupled with increasing use of the County's water system capacity-likely due to increasing irrigation and other water needs. Brunswick County last had a Stage 1 Water Conservation Alert in Summer 2019. Summer 2020 was much wetter than usual, which led to less lawn irrigation and helped to avoid conservation alerts and the COVID-19 mandates led to lower peak demands.

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1. What is causing this water shortage?
2. How long is the stage 1 conservation effort expected to last?
3. Are residents in danger of running out of water?
4. What triggers the need for water conservation? What would trigger a stage 2 alert and what would be the effects then?
5. Has the increased growth in Brunswick County created water shortage issues?
6. Can you tell me a bit about where the county gets its water? Is LCFWSA the main source? Are there others?
7. Do you know if drought affects the amount of water LCFWSA can draw from the CF River?
8. Are there any updates on the additional pipeline LCFWSA is adding? When it is scheduled to go online, etc.?