How long is the stage 1 conservation effort expected to last?

County Answer: Conservation efforts and any additional actions will be determined on the projected weather forecasts this summer and overall water usage throughout the system. We are anticipating a much drier summer than we had in 2020 coupled with a return to more activities as the COVID-19 pandemic lessens that are likely to increase peak demands. Brunswick County had already issued a reminder for customers to use water wisely, especially during the Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day weekends. Taking steps listed in the alert like avoiding overwatering lawns, using the recommended irrigation schedule, deferring non-essential water to nightfall, and avoiding that 5-11 a.m. block will be especially helpful in reducing demand.

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1. What is causing this water shortage?
2. How long is the stage 1 conservation effort expected to last?
3. Are residents in danger of running out of water?
4. What triggers the need for water conservation? What would trigger a stage 2 alert and what would be the effects then?
5. Has the increased growth in Brunswick County created water shortage issues?
6. Can you tell me a bit about where the county gets its water? Is LCFWSA the main source? Are there others?
7. Do you know if drought affects the amount of water LCFWSA can draw from the CF River?
8. Are there any updates on the additional pipeline LCFWSA is adding? When it is scheduled to go online, etc.?