What do I do if my water is running brown/murky?

This can be caused by many factors within the home plumbing system and/or public distribution system. This discoloration is not a health risk. Run your tap for fifteen to twenty minutes, and if the problem persists, please call us at 910-253-2657.

The possible causes are:

  • Flushing: Piping in the distribution system leading to your home may be rusty or have loose sediment, creating rusty-brown/murky water when disturbed. When valves in the public system are operated (opened or closed) rust and sediment can be dislodged. The operation of fire hydrants, flushing or routine maintenance in your area, and rust can also cause discoloration in the water.
  • Water heaters and galvanized or iron plumbing: If you are having trouble and your neighbors are not, then your home plumbing or water heater may be the issue. Some common characteristics of a corrosion problem in your home plumbing include:
    • The discoloration is only in the hot water
    • The water is discolored every morning or when first used after several hours of disuse
    • The water clears after it has run for a few minutes
    • The discoloration is only at one or several faucets in your home, not all of them

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