What are the rules for contributions to my candidate committee?

The full list of rules can be found in the Campaign Finance Manual (PDF).

Contributions LESS THAN $50

  • May be made in cash. 
  • The committee must collect the name and complete mailing address of the contributor. 

Contributions GREATER THAN $50

  • Must be in the form of a check, credit card charge, draft, money order, debit or other method subject to written verification.
  • Must specifically designate the intended contributee chosen by the contributor. 
  • In addition to the name and address, the committee must collect the (1) the job title or profession of the contributor; and (2) the contributor’s employer’s name or employer’s specific field of business activity. 

A candidate committee cannot accept contributions from the following sources:

  • Corporations
  • Business Entities
  • Labor Unions
  • Professional Associations
  • Insurance Companies

A candidate committee cannot accept more than $5,600 from an individual or a political committee in a primary or general election.

Exceptions:  A candidate, the candidate's spouse, and state, district or county political party executive committees may make unlimited contributions.

Anonymous contributions are prohibited

Contributions made in the name of another are prohibited.

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