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Strategic Plan

Brunswick County’s Strategic Plan guides and sets the direction for county operations, initiatives, projects over the course of five fiscal years. The plan includes the county government’s mission, vision, values, and strategic goals as identified by the Board of County Commissioners. The Board reviews the plan annually. County staff develop and coordinate tactics and strategies that support these priority goals and objectives along with key performance indicators to track and measure performance and outcomes. The Brunswick County Commissioners adopted the FY23-FY27 Strategic Plan Nov. 15, 2021, and amended it Nov. 21, 2022.

Our Mission

We provide the highest level of service to support an active, dynamic, and thriving community. In cooperation with our local and regional partners, we collaborate to provide responsive and efficient services that support and advance the development of our community’s educational, recreational, and economic prosperity.

Our Vision

Brunswick County is a prosperous, vibrant, and forward-thinking community that offers opportunities to enhance and sustain the highest quality of life for residents.

Our Values


We treat our residents and one another with the highest regard for dignity and courtesy. We are dedicated to the protection and preservation of our residents’ personal rights and freedoms at every level of government. We exemplify the dedication, efficiency, and effectiveness recognized as exceptional customer service qualities.


We strive to be honest and transparent in all that we do. We provide accurate information and guidance to strengthen positive relationships between residents and their county government.


We are open-minded and welcoming to new ideas and diverse perspectives. We engage and foster strong, long-lasting partnerships to expand our opportunities for feedback and representation in our decisions and actions.


We honor the authority entrusted to us to serve and protect our residents and preserve our natural and fiscal resources through ethical and responsible stewardship.


We are a goal-oriented and future-driven community that seeks out and rewards thoughtful and industrious means to improve service quality and delivery both effectively and affordably.


Our Goals and Focus Areas

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Goal/Focus Area #1: Economic Development

Economic Development

To grow and strengthen economic prosperity through exceptional service and collaborative efforts to recruit and retain quality employers that advance our commercial, industrial, agricultural, tourism, and hospitality sectors.

  • Objective No. 1: Foster partnerships to collectively develop strategies and inspire a positive business environment.
  • Objective No. 2: Support policies and developments that strengthen and diversify the county tax base and recruit jobs that pay a living wage.
Goal/Focus Area #2: Education


To build an educated and highly skilled workforce by supporting the development of future-driven and accessible education and training opportunities for students of all ages and backgrounds.

  • Objective No. 1: Continue to collaborate with county educational partners to support their efforts to teach and retain students, faculty, and staff.
  • Objective No. 2: Identify pathways to future success and skill development for students after high school and beyond.
Goal/Focus Area #3: Excellent Government

Excellent Government

To demonstrate forward-thinking and high-performing standards within the county government through exceptional leadership, planning, and customer service.

  • Objective No. 1: Maintain the county government’s positive financial position, low tax rate, and credit strength.
  • Objective No. 2: Attract and retain an experienced, skilled, and diverse county government workforce.
  • Objective No. 3: Create an environment where residents feel respected and engaged in county government decisions.
  • Objective No. 4: Implement innovative technologies and strategies that support staff’s efforts to deliver high-quality, effective services to residents, customers, and stakeholders.
Goal/Focus Area #4: Growth and Sustainability

Growth and Sustainability

To encourage the development of innovative strategies and policies for infrastructure, transportation, and the environment that support residential, commercial, and industrial growth.

  • Objective No. 1: Continue efforts to offer utility customers with robust, reliable, and high-quality water and wastewater services.
  • Objective No. 2: Form and sustain partnerships to provide a strong regional utility system for the benefit of all customers countywide.
  • Objective No. 3: Encourage forward-thinking development and construction practices that balance respect for natural resources and private property.
  • Objective No. 4: Support accessible and multimodal transportation options that connect residents to services and employment opportunities.
Goal/Focus Area #5: Healthy and Safe Community

Healthy and Safe Community

To support the advancement and continuous improvement of health, safety, and preparedness efforts in our county that incorporate current best practices and anticipate the county’s future growth and development.

  • Objective No. 1: Continue to prepare and respond timely and effectively to emergency situations when they arise through coordinated efforts among county departments and community partners.
  • Objective No. 2: Support policies and initiatives that deter criminal activity and reduce risks for residents and visitors while incorporating mitigation strategies learned from previous reviews and experiences.
  • Objective No. 3: Develop proactive and responsible programs focused on reducing negative outcomes related to preventable health issues, diseases, mental health challenges, and substance abuse.


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