Brunswick County Building Code Administration Class Rating Improves by 50 Percent


Through increased training, implementation of new technology and improved comprehensive enforcement of building codes, Brunswick County has received a Class 4 ISO Building Code Effectiveness Grading Schedule rating, a 50 percent improvement from the agency’s Class 8 rating in 2014.

“Brunswick County Building Code Administration is striving to better serve the citizens of Brunswick County,” Code Administration Director Michael Slate said.

The Insurance Services Office (ISO) is an independent statistical, rating and advisory organization that serves the insurance industry. The ISO’s Building Code Effectiveness Grading Schedule (BCEGS) is based on the building codes adopted in a community and the effectiveness of the community’s code enforcement.

When a community has up-to-date building codes and enforces those building codes, structures built in that community are more likely to fare better in a natural disaster, and are less likely to have high losses. Similar in many ways to the ISO fire ratings, a lower class rating number is considered a better score, and lower ratings typically are reflected in lower home insurance rates.

Brunswick County Code Administration participated in a BCEGS survey in January of 2019, and received ratings of Class 4 for one- and two-family dwellings, and ratings of Class 3 for all other construction. The agency’s previous rating, from 2014, was a Class 8.

“Brunswick County Code Administration staff have worked hard to make sure Brunswick County buildings reflect best practices for coastal areas, and that work is reflected in this new rating,” said County Manager Ann Hardy. “I am appreciative of their efforts, and what those efforts mean for citizens and property owners in Brunswick County.”