Design for the upgrade and expansion of the Brunswick County Northwest Water Treatment Plant has reached a significant milestone marked by delivery of 60% construction documents. These documents contain details necessary for a contractor to expand and upgrade the Northwest Water Treatment Plant. Design for state-of-the-art treatment facilities is taking shape, which will provide advanced treatment processes needed to deliver high-quality water to customers in Brunswick County. In the end, the majority of the facility will have been upgraded and capable of providing reliable, sustainable and safe drinking water for many generations to come.

Low pressure reverse osmosis (LPRO) pilot testing continues at the Northwest Water Treatment Plant. Pilot testing continues to demonstrate the effectiveness of the planned LPRO process to remove contaminants such as GenX and 1,4-Dioxane from the Cape Fear River water supply. Pilot testing is expected to conclude in June 2019.

The concentrate pipeline route is being finalized and design details are being completed in preparation for permitting, bidding and construction. Commissioning of this new pipeline requires receipt of an NPDES discharge permit, which is still being reviewed by State regulators and a draft permit is expected to be issued soon.

Completion of the final design for all work remains on schedule for September and bids to be received before the end of the year. Construction is expected to commence in January of 2020 and the first distribution of water from treatment upgrades is anticipated in December 2021.