Brunswick Northwest Water Plant Upgrade and Expansions: January Update


Brunswick County continues to make significant progress toward the upgrade of its water treatment facilities to provide the highest quality drinking water for its customers.

Design for the upgrade and expansion of the Northwest Water Plant remains on schedule with bidding to be received by the end of the year. Construction is expected to commence in January of 2020 and the first distribution of water from treatment upgrades in December 2021.

Low pressure reverse osmosis (LPRO) was selected as the advanced treatment process for the removal of emerging contaminants such as GenX. Brunswick County’s engineering consultant, CDM Smith, continues to pilot LPRO membranes from different suppliers to identify the top performers having the highest quality product. Selecting the best membrane supplier will ensure enhanced performance and set the path for having the highest quality drinking water.

The design of the concentrate pipeline is advancing as efforts continue to finalize a pipeline alignment. The concentrate discharge application remains in review and on schedule, with scientific analysis and data being provided to DEQ to facilitate the issue of a permit.

The next phase of design will occur during the months of February through May. This phase of design will allow for development of an Engineer’s Opinion of Probable Construction Cost. All aspects of the design phase are progressing as anticipated.