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FloodPlain Administration

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Michael SlateDirector of Code Administration(910)
Andrew ThompsonDeputy Code Administrator/ Fire Marshal(910)
John HymanDeputy Director- Building Inspections(910)
Judy HoldenAdministrative Assistant(910)
Dwight KiddBusiness Analyst(910)

Central Permitting Division

For general inquiries, Please call (910) 253-2021
Gracie ThomasCentral Permitting Supervisor(910)
Anna JonesSenior Property Technician(910)
Cindy HardisonProperty Technician(910)
Cynthia EdwardoProperty Technician(910)
Lynn RogersProperty Technician(910)
Yaenette DixonProperty Technician(910)
VacantIntake Application Reviewer

Building Plans Review

Jeff McIntoshBuilding Plans Reviewer(910)
Kevin SomersettBuilding Plans Reviewer(910)
Stanley DillsBuilding Plans Reviewer(910)
Sherri YorkBuilding Plans Reviewer(910)

Inspections Division

For general inquiries, Please call (910) 253-2021
Remote Video InspectionMulti-Trade Inspector(910)
Amy BrittMulti-Trade Inspector(919)
Brad BabsonMulti-Trade Inspector(910)
Chad ChristensenMulti-Trade Inspector(910)
Dana PopeMulti-Trade Inspector(910)
David ChandlerMulti-Trade Inspector(828)
David OsborneMulti-Trade Inspector(910)
Dawn HorneMulti-Trade Inspector(910)
Earl BiggersMulti-Trade Inspector(336)
Hunter LongMulti-Trade Inspector(256)
Jim MaguireMulti-Trade Inspector(404)
John FanceyMulti-Trade Inspector(240)
John WilliamsMulti-Trade Inspector(910)
Ken JonesMulti-Trade Inspector(910)
Kevin RapeMulti-Trade Inspector(910)
Linda AndersonMulti-Trade Inspector(919)
Matt GoreMulti-Trade Inspector(704)
Michael BallMulti-Trade Inspector(910)
Michael MallonMulti-Trade Inspector(828)
Mike BrittMulti-Trade Inspector(910)
Pamela BallMulti-Trade Inspector(910)
Patrick BeaverMulti-Trade Inspector(910)
Scott RabonMulti-Trade Inspector(910)
Shane BilligMulti-Trade Inspector(336)
Sten TaubeMulti-Trade InspectorC: (910) 617-4152
O: (910) 253-2347
Zach BatsonMulti-Trade Inspector(910)

Flood Plain Division

James PaggioliFloodplain Administrator(910)
Steffan TaubeFloodplain Administrator(910)

Fire Inspections Division

Andrew ThompsonDeputy Code Administrator / Fire Marshal(910) 253-2041; Cell (910)
Josh SmithAssistant Fire Marshal(910) 253-1718; Cell (910)
Joe OliverDeputy Fire Marshal / Fire Plans Examiner(910) 253-2043; Cell (910)
Kyle KlingDeputy Fire Marshal/ Fire InspectorCell (910)
William BuddDeputy Fire Marshal/ Fire InspectorCell (443)-202-8967<
Justin HatcherDeputy Fire Marshal / Fire Inspector(417)
Frank O’ConnorDeputy Fire Marshal / Fire Inspector(410)
Trevor Belovin Deputy Fire Marshal / Fire Inspector(910)
Mark PalmerDeputy Fire Marshal / Fire Inspector(910)

Building I


Building I

(910) 253-2021
open mon-fri:
8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

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