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Remote Video Inspection (RVI) Policy and Procedure

RVI Phone and Email Contacts: (910) 253-2018

When requesting an RVI Inspection by phone or email, please provide the following:

  1. Project Number
  2. Permit Number
  3. Type of Inspection
  4. Cell phone number for the field technician
  5. Email address for the field technician

Inspections Eligible for RVI

  • Water Trench Inspection – Rough-in Plumbing (partial inspection)
  • Sewer Trench Inspection – Rough-in Plumbing
  • Shower Pan Inspection – Rough-in Plumbing (partial inspection)
  • Manufactured Home Marriage line connection – Final Set-Up Inspection
  • HVAC Changeout Inspections for residential 1-2 family dwellings and townhomes (all except Mechanical Gas Inspections)
  • Mech Gas Trench

Client Responsibility

  1. Download Skype for Business (free).
  2. 4G must available at the inspection site.
  3. Have all necessary tools and documents available. (Some examples may include: tape measurer, level, GFCI tester, step ladder, manufacturer’s installation instructions, site plans, etc.)
  4. Allow up to 30 minutes for the inspection.
  5. If using your phone for the inspection, make sure you do the following to avoid interruptions:
    • iPhone “Settings”:
      • Tap on “Do Not Disturb”
      • Set the “Manual” slide button to be green
      • Scroll down to “Silence”
      • Tap next to “Always” to add a check mark
    • Android
      • Tap “Sounds and Notifications” in Settings
      • Tap “Do Not Disturb” under the “Notifications” section
  1. Call (TBD) from Skype to connect with the Inspector.
  2. The inspection:
    • The inspector has to be able to see the front of the house and the address.
    • Starting from the front of the house, walk toward the site for the inspection and follow the inspector’s directions.

*Disclaimer: We reserve the right to determine during the RVI that a site visit will be required for the inspection to be completed. We will attempt to schedule a site visit for the same day if possible.

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Building I

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