Early Voting Begins October 20


Early Voting Begins October 20

Early voting for the General Election begins Thursday, October 20, and ends at 3 p.m. Saturday, November 5.  In Brunswick County, there will be 5 early voting sites and voting options will be available every day during the 17-day period.

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What You Need to Know if you Plan to Vote Early

  1. Voters can go to any open early voting location in their county of residence.
  2. Voters can find early voting locations and see wait times on the Early Voting Locator and Wait Time map.
  3. If a person is eligible to vote but missed the voter registration deadline, they can register and vote the same day at an early voting location using Same Day Registration.
  4. Voters can find their sample ballot by looking up their voter record.  The sample ballot can be marked with their choices and taken into the voting booth.
  5. Photo ID is not required to vote in this election.
  6. Accessible voting options are available for voters at all voting locations.

Early Voting Locator and Wait Time Map

New this year, voters will be able to see a map of early voting locations and also see their current wait times.  Wait times will be updated every 30 minutes.

Turnout Statistics

Voter turnout numbers will be published after voting ends each day.  Visit our Tableau page to see the data.