Election Day Information for Voters


Election Day is Tuesday, November 8, 2022.  Polls are open 6:30 a.m. until 7:30 p.m.

Election Day Information for Voters

Voter Lookup Tool – use this to confirm you are registered, find your election day polling place, and get your sample ballot

Where do I vote?

On Election Day, you go to your assigned polling place based on where you live. Look up your voter record using the Voter Lookup Tool to find your polling place.

Not registered at your current address? Call us at 910-253-2620, we can help you determine where to go.

What’s on my ballot?

Use the Voter Lookup Tool link above to look up your voter record. Once you open your record, scroll down to the Your Sample Ballot section.

Voters may bring sample ballots, voting guides, notes, and other materials into the voting booth. They also may use electronic devices to access a slate card or candidate information, provided they don’t use the devices to communicate with anyone.

What happens when I arrive at my polling place?

  1. Go to the check in station and state your name and residential address. Photo ID is not required to vote in NC.
  2. Sign an Authorization to Vote (ATV) document certifying that you are a US citizen, are not in jail or prison for a felony conviction, your address is current, and you have not already voted.
  3. After signing, you will be directed to the ballot station where you will exchange the ATV form for a ballot.
  4. Once the ballot is received, you will be directed to a voting booth and mark it with the pen provided inside the booth.
  5. Once the ballot is marked, you will be directed to a scanner where you will insert the ballot. You know your ballot has been cast when you see the American flag wave on the scanner screen.

Can I take a photo of my ballot?

No, North Carolina law prohibits taking photographs of or videotaping voted ballots.  You can take a selfie with your I Voted sticker, though!

Can I wear my candidate paraphernalia when I go vote?

Yes. Voters in the act of voting may wear political attire when in the act of voting. Once the act of voting is complete voters should exit the polling place immediately and remain outside the buffer zone.

Accessible Voting Options

There are accessible voting options available for voters who need assistance or who have a disability.  All voting locations have curbside voting and an accessible ballot marking device.  Voters may also request assistance with voting under these guidelines.

  1. Any voter, regardless of whether they have a disability, may receive assistance from a near relative.
  2. A voter whose disability prevents him or her from entering the voting booth or marking a ballot without assistance, or a voter who is illiterate, may get help from any person, except for the voter’s employer or agent of that employer or an officer or agent of the voter’s union.