2021 Municipal Election

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The municipal election will be held on Tuesday, November 2, 2021.

2021 Election Calendar

Municipal Offices up for Election

UOCAVA Election Notice

Absentee and One-Stop Turnout Statistics

The State Board of Elections publishes absentee data daily.  These files include absentee and one-stop information.

Turnout statistics from one-stop early voting will be updated daily on our Tableau page.

One-Stop Early Voting

One-stop early voting begins on Thursday, October 14 and ends on Saturday, October 30.  For more information about early voting, visit our one-stop early voting page.

2021 Municipal One-Stop Schedule

Voter Residency Requirements

There is erroneous belief that persons who own property in a municipality or county or pay property tax to a municipality or county have the right to register and vote in that municipality or county, without establishing that location as their permanent residence.

The residency qualification to register to vote in a municipality or county is that the persons registering must have, by the time of the election, resided in that municipality or county for at least 30 days with the intent to make that county, municipality, precinct, ward, or other election district a permanent place of abode.

Staff of the North Carolina State Board of Elections offers the following general opinion: “A person may have an actual abode (residence) in one place, and their permanent established home (domicile) in another.  A domicile is the place to which the person intends to return.  The law requires all persons to have only one domicile for voting purposes.”

Voter Eligibility and Paying Taxes updated 8.25.21

Candidate Filing

Complete information for candidates about filing for office can be found on our Candidates page.  There you will find filing dates, filing fees, and information about campaign finance.

Candidate List

A list of candidates will be posted here daily.

Candidate List 8.13.21 end of filing




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