2021 Municipal Election

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Candidate List

A list of candidates will be posted here daily.

Candidate List 8.13.21 end of filing

2021 Candidate Filing Information

Because the 2021 municipal elections occur in the year following a federal decennial census, there are two different filing periods for municipal offices this year.

Candidate filing for all districts except Navassa and Southport

Friday, July 2nd at noon through Friday, July 16th at noon

Tuesday, July 13th, 5:00 PM; deadline to withdrawal notice of candidacy

Candidate filing for Navassa and Southport only

 Monday, July 26th at noon through Friday, August 13th at noon

Tuesday, August 10th, 5:00 PM; deadline to withdrawal notice of candidacy

Offices up for Election and Filing Fees

Candidate Filing and Establishing a Campaign Committee

In this video, Adrianne Rushton provides an overview of candidate filing and establishing a campaign committee.

Campaign Finance FAQ

Campaign Finance FAQ

What should a candidate expect when filing for office?

  • A Board of Elections staff member will work with each candidate to verify eligibility to file (must be a registered voter of the jurisdiction in which they wish to seek office and at least 21 years of age).
  • Filing paperwork will be completed and signed to be notarized (photo ID will be required for notarization).
  • The candidate will pay a filing fee.  The filing fee for Belville is $15, Oak Island is $25, and all other municipalities and districts have a filing fee of $5.  Filing fees less than $50 may be paid in cash and must be exact change.
  • Candidates will be provided a filing packet containing campaign finance paperwork to open a political committee.

Campaign Finance

A candidate committee is required to register within ten days of taking the first among certain activities that are deemed to have begun the committee’s organization.  The first of the following activities by the candidate starts the ten days:

1. Receiving money or an item of any value in support of the campaign; or
2. Spending money in support of the campaign; or
3. Filing a Notice of Candidacy or being certified as a political party nominee.

All reports filed with the Brunswick County Board of Elections are available for public viewing on our Campaign Finance page.

If you need personal assistance with your Campaign Finance reports, please schedule an appointment to ensure your needs are met in a timely manner, as well as to confirm the appropriate staff member will be available to assist you.  Without an appointment, we cannot guarantee immediate service. To make an appointment please call our office or email Adrianne Rushton.

The complete library of campaign finance forms can be found on the state’s website at the following location:

NC State Board of Elections – Reporting Forms

Information for Candidates

If you have questions, please call the Brunswick County Board of Elections office (910) 253-2620.

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