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Voter Registration Statistics
Past Election Results

To view past results online, visit the State Board of Elections’ Election Results page.

For results in PDF printable format, please refer to the chart below.


YearPrimarySecond PrimaryGeneralMunicipal

Voter Turnout Data

The files below summarize voter turnout in previous elections.

Historical Election Turnout (PDF)

2021 Municipal Election Turnout (PDF)

Additional voter turnout data can be found on our Tableau page.



Precinct Map

Precinct Map with NC House District Overlay

County Commissioner and Board of Education Districts

NC House Districts (PDF)

NC House Districts with Precincts (PDF)

The Board of Elections does not provide printed maps.  For a full-sized printed map, please contact the Brunswick County G.I.S. Department at (910) 253-2390.

2021 Redistricting

On Nov. 4, 2021, the North Carolina Senate and North Carolina House of Representatives ratified the following redistricting bills and associated maps:

Elected Officials

List of Elected Officials

You can find your jurisdictions on your voter registration card or by looking up your voter record.  The jurisdictions will help determine who represents you.  For example, we have 2 NC House Districts in Brunswick County.  You will only be represented by one of those elected officials.

Please consult the various municipalities for verification of the information contained in this chart prior to its use. Every effort is made to ensure its accuracy; on occasion, however, a municipality’s governing board changes members without the Board of Elections’ immediate knowledge.

Voter Registration Reports

The State Board of Elections has voter data available on its website.  This document provides links and instructions for using the data.

Pulling Voter Registration Data from the State – Directions (PDF)

Board of Elections Generated Reports

To request a voter registration report, please send an email to  Include the following in your request:

Requestor’s name and phone number

Brief description of requested report

  • Typical reports include active and inactive voters.
  • Our base report includes precinct code, name, residential and mailing address, telephone number, demographic information (race, ethnicity, gender, age), and party affiliation.
  • Emailed reports will come as an excel spreadsheet sorted by precinct and name unless otherwise specified in the request.

There is no charge for receiving reports electronically (email).  To receive the report on a flash drive, the requester must provide a new, unopened (sealed in factory plastic) flash drive.  There is no fee affiliated with this option.  If the Board of Elections provides the flash drive, the fee is $10.

See below for fees associated with each printed report received.

  • 1-200 pages – $5.00
  • 201-500 pages – $10.00
  • 501-750 pages – $15.00
  • 751-1,000 pages – $20.00
  • In excess of 1,001 pages – $25.00
  • Labels (30 labels per page) – $0.10 per page
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