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Public Data

Visit our page on Tableau to see data visualizations for voter registration and turnout.

Voting District Maps

House District 17 and 19

County Commissioner and Board of Education Districts

US House of Representatives


User generated reports:  To generate reports on your own and use the data available from the state, please follow this link:  Pulling Voter Registration Data from the State – Directions

To request a voter registration report, please email Scott Keur at  Include the following in your request:

  • Requestor’s name and phone number
  • Brief description of requested report
    • Would you like the report sorted by precinct, last name, or street?
    • Do you want the report to include active and inactive voters, or only active voters?

The standard format of the report is Excel.  If you would like a different format, please indicate that in your correspondence.

There is no charge for receiving reports electronically (email).  To receive the report on a flash drive, the requestor must provide a new, unopened (sealed in factory plastic) flash drive.  There is no fee affiliated with this option.  If the Board of Elections provides the flash drive, the fee is $10.

See below for fees associated with each printed report received.

  • 1-200 pages – $5.00
  • 201-500 pages – $10.00
  • 501-750 pages – $15.00
  • 751-1,000 pages – $20.00
  • In excess of 1,001 pages – $25.00
  • Labels (30 labels per page) – $0.10 per page

Board of Elections Fee Schedule

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