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Video Overview of Registering to Vote in North Carolina

The State Board of Elections has published a video outlining the voter registration process.

Check Your Voter Registration

Check your registration to be sure you are registered at your current address using the Voter Lookup Tool.

Get a North Carolina Voter Registration Form

There are several ways to obtain a North Carolina voter registration form:

1. Printable Form

Download the Voter Registration Form.  Once Completed, please sign and return to our office.

For new registrants, the original form is needed and should be mailed to:  Brunswick County Board of Elections, P.O. Box 2, Bolivia, NC 28422.  For any other changes of information, the form can be returned by email or fax as well.

2. Online Voter Registration – DMV

The North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles and the North Carolina State Board of Elections have partnered to offer existing DMV customers a stand alone option for registering to vote, changing their party affiliation, and updating their voter registration address. Click here to access this online service. Name changes cannot be made using this online service – please download the  Voter Registration Form to make a name change.

Existing DMV customers are individuals who already have a NC Driver’s License or any DMV issued identification. This service does not require the user to complete a DMV transaction (such as duplicate or license renewal) at the same time.

Voter registration services are always free of charge.

Applications for new registration and party affiliation changes that are submitted fewer than 25 days before an election will not be processed until after the election. Same-day registration is available for new registrations after this deadline at any site during the early voting period. Click here for more information on early voting.

3. County-wide Locations

  • Municipal town halls
  • Brunswick County libraries
  • Brunswick County high schools
  • Department of Social Services
  • Employment Security Commission
  • Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, and Substance Abuse Services
  • Services for the Blind
  • Vocational Rehabilitation

4. Board of Elections Office

Individuals may register in person at the Board of Elections office. The office is located in Building H of the county government center in Bolivia, NC. Upon request, the Board of Elections office will also mail a voter registration form to anyone.

Voter Registration Qualifications

Voting begins with registering to vote. The registration deadline is 25 days before Election Day. Do not delay; register today!

To register to vote in Brunswick County you must:

  • Be a citizen of the United States
  • Be a legal resident domiciled in Brunswick County and North Carolina for 30 days by the date of the next general election day
  • Be 18 years of age or older by next general election day
  • Have had citizenship rights restored, if ever convicted of a felony
  • Not be registered nor will vote in any other county or state

*If you will be 18 years of age by the date of the next general election, your application may be processed as early as 60 days prior to the date of any primary election associated with that general election, even if you will only be 17 years old during the primary. You will then be qualified to vote in the primary election for all eligible contests.

Residency for Voting Purposes

There is erroneous belief that persons who own property in a municipality or county or pay property tax to a municipality or county have the right to register and vote in that municipality or county, without establishing that location as their permanent residence.

The residency qualification to register to vote in a municipality or county is that the persons registering must have, by the time of the election, resided in that municipality or county for at least 30 days with the intent to make that county, municipality, precinct, ward, or other election district a permanent place of abode.

Staff of the North Carolina State Board of Elections offers the following general opinion: “A person may have an actual abode (residence) in one place, and their permanent established home (domicile) in another.  A domicile is the place to which the person intends to return.  The law requires all persons to have only one domicile for voting purposes.”

Voter Eligibility and Paying Taxes updated 8.25.21

North Carolina Voter Registration Cards

Approximately 3-4 weeks after submitting your voter registration application you will receive a voter registration card in the mail. This voter registration card is for your records. It is not required to vote. This card will show your precinct name, your polling location name and address, your political party affiliation, and the various electoral jurisdictions in which you reside.

If you make changes to an existing Brunswick County voter registration record, you will receive a new voter registration card in the mail reflecting those changes.

Upon receiving your voter registration card in the mail, if everything on the card is correct then you keep the card. You do not send it back to the Board of Elections office. Only voter confirmation cards, which are mailed when the first voter registration mailing is returned to us undelivered, must be completed, signed, and returned to the Board of Elections office. These confirmation cards come in a business reply format and do not require postage for their return.

If you would like to receive a replacement voter registration card, you may send us an email ( or call us (910-253-2620) to request a replacement. We can only send the card to the address on your voter record.

Voter Registration Deadline

The registration deadline for the 2021 Municipal Election is Friday, October 8, 2021.

The deadline to register to vote in North Carolina is 25 days before the date of an election. The voter registration application must be received by the our office by this date. If an application is received after the deadline, the application may still be timely if it was mailed and it is postmarked on or before the voter registration deadline; otherwise, the application will not be processed until after the election. Persons who register at the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles or another voter registration agency will be considered registered as of the date the application is given to the agency. As long as this date is on or before the voter registration deadline, then the application will be deemed timely for an upcoming election.

Changes to an existing Brunswick County voter registration record should likewise be made by the 25 day voter registration deadline. Your voter registration record should be updated if you have moved within the County, your legal name has changed, or you wish to change your political party affiliation. Waiting until Election Day to make name and address changes will require extra time and paperwork.  Political party changes are not permitted after the 25 day voter registration deadline.

Same Day Registration

If a Brunswick County resident misses the voter registration deadline, they may go to any one-stop early voting site to register and vote the same day.  The individual will be required to provide acceptable proof of residence before they can become registered. The Notice to Same Day Registrants provides more details, including a list of acceptable proof of residence documents.  Same day registration is only available during One-Stop early voting; it is not available on election day.

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