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The voter registration deadline is 25 days before an election.

Eligible individuals who want to cast their ballot on Election Day (11/07/2023) must register to vote by Friday, October 13.

*Same day registration is available during early voting, see section below.

Register to Vote Online Through the DMV

If you are a DMV customer with a N.C. driver’s license or DMV-issued ID, you may now register to vote or change certain parts of your registration online.  You may use this service to register, update your address, and update your party affiliation.  You may not change your name.

Print a Voter Registration Form

Complete the voter registration form and return it to our office.

For new registrants, the original form is needed.

For any other changes of information, the form can be returned by email or fax.

How do I make changes to my registration?

There are several ways an existing voter can make changes to their voter registration record.


Qualifications to Register to Vote in Brunswick County

To register to vote in Brunswick County, you must:

  1. Be a citizen of the United States
  2. Be a resident of Brunswick County, North Carolina, for 30 days before the election in which you intend to vote
  3. Be 18 years of age or older by next general election day
  4. Not be serving a felony sentence, including any period of probation, post-release supervision, or parole.

Same Day Registration

If a Brunswick County resident misses the voter registration deadline, they may go to any one-stop early voting site to register and vote the same day.  The individual will be required to provide acceptable proof of residence before they can become registered. The Notice to Same Day Registrants provides more details, including a list of acceptable proof of residence documents.  Same day registration is only available during One-Stop early voting; it is not available on election day.

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