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Brunswick County Engineering FAQs

When are water and sewer capital recovery fees due?

At the time of application for a building permit. All non-residential water and sewer capital recovery fees are calculated in Brunswick County Engineering and provided to the applicant and the County Utilities Consumer Service Department.

When will water and/or sewer be available in my area?

Contact Engineering to speak with a staff member to discuss your particular area and to obtain details about current County programs for the extension of water and/or sewer service.

Are there any county streets and is the county responsible for any street repairs?

No. All streets and roads are either privately owned and maintained, municipal streets, or are public rights-of-way maintained by the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT). View more information.

Are county stormwater permits required in Brunswick County?

Yes. A county stormwater permit is required for non-residential development. Residential development that meets certain criteria may require a county permit as well.View more information.

What is required on Water and Sewer Asbuilt Drawings?

Refer to County Technical Specification TS010.01: Asbuilt Drawings.

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