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Count on Me NC Program

Brunswick County Environmental Health and NC Cooperative Extension are working together to educate the county’s business community and residents about the Count on Me NC program, a statewide initiative launched in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the state’s three-phase approach to lifting restrictions due to the virus.

The goal is to build confidence and trust in restaurants and lodging establishments. When customers see this endorsement, they can be certain that the business is taking additional steps to protect their employees and customers and is committed to playing a leadership role in protecting our communities.

Businesses and business guests are encouraged to participate. Click on the links below to access the free training modules, take the guest pledge, and see participating businesses in our county.

Contact Us

Our team is here to assist you in educating your employees and guests about the important steps we can all take to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our local businesses together. Contact any of these individuals for questions or guidance about the Count on Me NC program.

Let’s Celebrate Your Certificate!

Congratulations and thank you for supporting the Count On Me NC program! Whether you took the business training or signed the guest pledge, we want to recognize you. Snap a picture with your certificate and email it to us for a chance to be featured on our website and social media.

Free Business Training

Training available in English and Spanish.

Share the Word!

Download and share media from the Count on Me NC promotional toolkit.

Participating Businesses

See who already has a certificate!

Our Community Partners

Our Community Partners

Brunswick County and NC Cooperative Extension are working with local nonprofit and civic groups whose members are helping promote Count on Me NC in their communities. Individuals from our teams or one of these organizations might reach out to you to provide information about Count on Me NC and learn more about your experiences as North Carolina transitions through the three-phased approach of lifting restrictions due to COVID-19.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the training? I registered in Eventbrite and I don’t see the training!
  • You will receive an email from Eventbrite granting access to your course. The link to the “online training module” will be at the bottom of your confirmation email.


How do I log in to take the training?
  • You will receive an email from Eventbrite granting access to your course. Just click the link to the “online training module” at the bottom of your confirmation email to begin your course. Or you can go directly to and follow the instructions there.


Who is this training for?
  • These training modules cover information and best practices for the owners, management and staff of restaurants, hotels, attractions and shops.


Does this satisfy NC’s requirement for a certified food manager?
  • No. This is a voluntary training specific to COVID-19 protocols and does not replace other training required by the State of North Carolina.


Which training should I take?
  • There are several training modules available. Pick the one that most closely aligns with your job. Currently, restaurant modules are available for Owner/Manager, Front of House, and Back of House. Additional modules for Cleaning Staff and Other Businesses will be added soon.


How long does the training take to complete?
  • The training takes approximately 30 minutes all the way through, but you can start and stop at any point.


Can I take the training on my phone?
  • Yes, the training is available on desktop, tablet and most mobile devices.


Can I start the training and then come back to it at a later time?
  • Yes, you can restart the training where you left off.


What information do I need to provide to take the training?
  • You provide your name, email address, and company name to access the training.


I completed the training and have my certificate, now what?
  • Congratulations! Now it’s time to spread the word about your commitment to Count On Me NC. Start by signing your business’s name to personalize your certificate, then display it in a location (like a window or near the register) where guests and visitors will be able to see it. Don’t forget, you also have access to the Count On Me NC toolkit, which includes additional printable and digital assets you can use to show you’re a participating Count On Me NC business.


What can I display inside my businesses or establishment to show I’m a Count On Me NC business?
  • If you are an owner or a manager who has successfully completed training, you will be sent Count on Me NC window decals to display in your business or establishment. In addition, the NCRLA has partnered with Durham signage company, Signs Unlimited, to bring you Count On Me NC social-distancing floor decals. A link to order these floor decals can be found in the Count On Me NC tool kit. The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services has also provided general safety signage available for download here.


I did the training, how do I get the logos and social media images?
  • Upon successful completion of the training, participants will be directed to a form where they will be asked for their contact information in order to receive the marketing toolkit which includes logos, badges and suggested social media posts.


Can I adjust the logo images in size, color, etc.?
  • The marketing toolkit includes a variety of shapes, sizes and colors so you can choose what works best for you. Brand guidelines are included and give you specific instructions for use.


I work at more than one restaurant, can I make copies of my certificate?
  • Yes, you can download as many copies of your certificate as you would like.


Does the certificate expire? Or when do I have to take this training again?
  • The certificate does not expire, and you do not have to take the training again unless you change jobs, e.g. moving from Front of House to Back of House.


How does a participating business get listed on the Count On Me NC website?
  • A business will be listed on when an owner or manager successfully completes the training course. Owners and managers should encourage all employees to take the appropriate course, e.g. Front of House, Back of House, etc.


Download Helpful Resources for Your Business

Download Helpful Resources for Your Business


Special Maximum Occupancy Signs (Required to Print and Post in Your Business According to the Governor’s Executive Order for Safer at Home Phase 2)
Signage for Businesses on Cloth Coverings
Know Your Ws Signage in English and Spanish

See more information about the Ws at

Know Your Ws
Know Your Ws/Stop If You Have Symptoms
Know Your Ws/Stay Strong






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