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Fee Schedule 2023-2024

Customers that are submitting an application for a septic permit on a property that is not served by public water must also submit a well permit application.  The well permit application fee may be refunded if the septic permit is denied and the property owner or authorized agent submits a refund request within a year of receiving the denial letter.

Improvement Permit Application

500 gallons per day or less$515.00
501-1000 gallons per day$615.00
For each additional 500 gallons per day greater than initial fee$100.00
LSS - Permit issued pursuant to SL 2017-211 and SL 2018-114$350.00
* Permit valid without expiration 2x the Improvement Permit and Construction Authorization
Revisit fee for site not ready$25.00

Construction Authorization Permit Application

500 gallons per day or less$300.00
501-1000 gallons per day$400.00
For each additional 500 gallons per day greater than initial fee$100.00
Plan review for systems with a design flow <1000gpd$50.00
Plan review for systems with a design flow >1000gpd$125.00
*Engineer Option Permit and LSS Option Permit is 30% of the set rate for IP and CA listed

Other Visits/Permits

Revisions *(Plus the Construction Authorization fee listed)$175.00
Relocation/existing system check (no upgrade)$300.00
Septic Repair$300.00
Mobile Home Park Authorization/Connection$50.00
Septic System Tap Connection$75.00
Mobile Home Parks/Campgrounds Annual Inspection$150.00
Test Well Monitoring (per site)$300.00
Management Entity Inspection (Gravity distribution sand line trenches are fee exempt.) *Assessed to any new wastewater system or existing wastewater system that has a change in ownership effective July 1, 2009.$100.00

Private Water Supply Application

New and Repair Well Permit$300.00
Full Sample Kit (Includes Bacteria, Inorganic Chemical and Nitrate/Nitrite$150.00
Bacteriological Analyses$50.00
Petroleum or Volatile Organic Compound$150.00
Lead Follow-up testing (up to three samples from the same location)$150.00

Other Inspection Programs

Tattoo Artist Annual Fee (per Artist)$250.00
Seasonal Public Swimming Pool (Annual Permit)$200.00
Year-Round Public Swimming Pool (Annual Permit)$300.00
Public Swimming Pool Plan Review$250.00
Revisit fee for Permit Denial$25.00
Plan Review: Food Establishment$250.00
Plan Review: Existing Food Establishment$150.00
Plan Review: Mobile Food Unit/Pushcart$150.00
Smoking Violation Civil Penalty$200.00
Temporary Food Establishment Permit$75.00










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