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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:



How can I apply for a burning permit?

The North Carolina Forestry Service requires a burning permit outside of one-hundred (100) feet from any structure. A free burning permit can be obtained online through the North Carolina Forestry Service website or in person at Brunswick County Code Administration Central Permitting Office located at 75 Court House Drive building “I” in Bolivia, North Carolina. Permit holders are encouraged to contact the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office Communications Center at 910-253-7490 and let them know you have obtained a forestry burn permit and will be burning.

Click Here for a list of agents in Brunswick County that issue North Carolina Forest Service Permits.

Does Brunswick County Fire Marshal's Office issue burn permits?

The Brunswick County Fire Marshal’s office does not require a burn permit for open burning of natural vegetation inside of 100′ feet of a structure located within the Unincorporated areas of the County. However, If you are outside of 100′ feet the North Carolina Forest Service requires a State permit. In addition, North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality requires a State permit for certain types and locations of burning. If you are located in a City or Town please check with your local municipal official regarding regulations and open burning permits.

What is a Burn Ban? and what agencies can issue a Burn Ban?

When weather or other conditions make controlled burns dangerous, the North Carolina Forest Service or local authorities (Counties, Cities, and Town’s) may enact a burn ban or burning restrictions.

During a Brunswick County Burn Ban opening burning is prohibited within the Unincorporated areas of Brunswick County where burning is within 100′ feet of any structure. Burning associated with outdoor cooking like grilling is not subject to the ban but must be constantly attend.


What is an Air Curtain Burner? What State Agency Regulates Them?

The use of air curtain burners are regulated by the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality – Wilmington Regional Office.

For additional information on air curtain burners click here



How do I order a knox box, knox locking FDC caps, knox pad lock, or other type of knox access system?

An online application and order can be placed here . The order notification and approval is sent to Brunswick County Code Administration Fire Marshal’s Office for quick electronic review and approval to verify the correct fire department prior to the order being processed and shipped.

How do I schedule a fire inspection for a commerical or multi-family construction project?

To schedule a construction related inspection of a building or fire protection system click here. Then enter your Brunswick County project number and select the desired fire permit that you would like to schedule the fire inspection for.

How do I schedule a foster care inspection?

To schedule a foster care inspection visit the “contact us” section to submit a inspection request.

What are the most common violations found during a foster care inspection?

The North Carolina Division of Social Services DSS-1515 Foster Home Fire Inspection Form is utilized for the inspection.

The most common violations found during a foster care inspection include but not limited to:

  • Not having a ABC dry chemical fire extinguisher with a minimum rating of 1A.
  • Exit doors having double key deadbolts.
  • Not having operating smoke detectors.
  • Not having carbon monoxide detectors where the home is equipped with fuel gas cooking or heating appliances.
  • Doors and windows located within sleeping rooms failing to open properly with little effort.
How do I apply for a fire construction permit for a new construction or existing repair, remodel, renovation, addition, or change of use?

A commercial online application can be submitted by clicking here. If your business or project is located in a Municipality that receives fire inspection services by the County please provide a statement within the project description box on the online application that this application is for fire only and include the name of the Municipality.

If you have additional construction documents for your project they can be emailed to and be sure to include the project number or physical address of the project to assist with processing the information.

Click here for a online application training video

What is a false fire alarm prevention ordinance?

The intent of Brunswick County’s false fire alarm prevention ordinance is to encourage alarm users and alarm companies to maintain the operational reliability of alarm systems and to properly use alarm systems in order to reduce or eliminate false/accidental alarm dispatches of fire apparatus within the unincorporated areas and extra-territorial jurisdictions within Brunswick County.

If your located inside a Municipality (City or Town) limit’s please contact your local municipal official to inquire about false fire alarm ordinances.

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False Fire Alarm Prevention Ordinance (Click Here)  

How do I find out about fire inspection, plan review, and fire permit fee schedules?
Where do I mail a payment for a fire inspection?

Fire inspection invoices are issued in the field at time of the fire inspection to the owner, operator, or tenant of the commercial or multi-family property. Fire inspectors DO NOT collect any payments in the field.

Fire inspection invoice payments along with either a copy the invoice or a reference to the invoice number can be mailed to:

Brunswick County Code Administration
Fire Inspection Payments
P.O. Box 249
Bolivia, North Carolina 28422

Picture of fire marshal logo


Andrew Thompson
Deputy Code Administrator / Fire Marshal

75 Courthouse Drive NE Building “I”
Bolivia, NC 28422
910.253.2041  (Non-Emergency)

9-1-1 Emergency



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