Foster Parent Training Begins June 20


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At any given time, there are 130+ children in foster care in Brunswick County because their own families are in crisis and are unable to provide for their essential well-being.

They come from many different backgrounds, but they have the same hopes, dreams, fears, and needs as any child!

Foster/Adoptive Parent 30-hour TIPS-MAPP training is scheduled as follows:

1. Welcome to the TIPS-MAPP Group Preparation and Selection Program Thursday 6/20/19 6-9 pm Brunswick County DSS
2. Where the MAPP Leads: A Foster Care & Adoption Experience Thursday 6/27/19 6-9pm Brunswick County DSS
3. Losses & Gains: The Need to be a Loss Expert Thursday 7/11/19 6-9pm Brunswick County DSS
4. Helping Children with Attachments Thursday 7/18/19 6-9pm Brunswick County DSS
5. Helping Children Learn Healthy Behaviors Thursday 7/25/19 6-9pm Brunswick County DSS
6. Helping Children with Birth Family Connections Thursday 8/1/19 6-9pm Brunswick County DSS
7. Gains & Losses: Helping Children Leave Foster Care Thursday 8/8/19 6-9pm Brunswick County DSS
8. Understanding the Impact of Fostering or Adopting Thursday 8/15/19 6-9pm Brunswick County DSS
9. Perspectives in Adoptive & Foster Parenting-Teamwork & Partnership Thursday 8/22/19 6-9pm Brunswick County DSS
10. Endings & Beginnings Thursday 8/29/19 6-9pm Brunswick County DSS

Brunswick County Health and Human Services

Department of Social Services

To Register for TIPS-MAPP training contact:

Tamela Jones at 910-253-2112 or